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By Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC | 500+ Physicians Coached

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People in healthcare are struggling.
Physician burnout levels are high.

Physician leaders aren’t sure how to motivate their people, have trouble finding their authentic voice as a leader, and struggle to feel confident in their decisions.

Physicians are overwhelmed by demands, struggling with burnout, and unsure how to proceed in the wake of the Pandemic.



Everyone in healthcare wants more happiness in their lives and careers, more presence with their loved ones, more resilience in healthcare, and greater fulfillment.

"I have referred dozens of colleagues to Gail"

Physician Burnout Coaching, Leadership, Wellness

“I cannot say enough about how useful this coaching has been to my career and quality of life. I have referred dozens of colleagues to Gail and, to a one, they have talked about how incredibly helpful she has been to them.”

Jane Liebschutz, MD | Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine

"She has been a fantastic guide and mentor"

Physician Burnout Coaching, Leadership, Wellness

“I would recommend her highly for any physician or physician group looking to optimize personal well-being and professional leadership skills.”

Paul DeSandr MD, FACEM | Emergency Medicine, Palliative and Supportive Care

"Gail was a lifeline for me"

Physician Burnout Coaching, Leadership, Wellness

“She helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, and how to work through very challenging career circumstances I was facing. She encouraged me, she inspired me, she pushed me, and all of that helped me get through a really rough year. I owe her a lot.”

Allison Jordan, MD | Medical Director, Palliative Medicine

“She is an amazing speaker and coach”

Physician Burnout Coaching, Leadership, Wellness

“Her engaging and humorous style helped our physicians learn with fun about this important yet challenging topic. We were truly honored to have Dr. Gazelle present to the group.”

Jatin Dave, MD | Chief Medical Officer

"Working with Gail far surpassed my expectations”

Physician Burnout Coaching, Leadership, Wellness

“I work in a very politically charged environment with many silos having competing interests and agendas. Gail’s coaching helped me see thru this, and to maintain focus on the priorities of my department.”

John Goncalves, MD, FACC | Director, Cardiac Surgery

Everyone Needs Resilience

The physicians and others I work with are happier, more efficient, and more satisfied with their careers and lives. I help them to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness, so that they see their strengths, and abandon imposter beliefs. They build resilience and thrive despite the stressors of life.

Why physicians and physician leaders trust me as their physician coach:

My mission is simple: I give physicians, physician leaders, and other healthcare professionals the tools and confidence they need to thrive in their lives and careers. Through coaching physicians, workshops, and keynotes, I help my clients overcome physician burnout and live incredible lives.

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As Harvard Medical School faculty and a 30 year practicing hospice physician, I understand what physicians and physician leaders experience, and how they approach problems. I’ve witnessed and experienced the physician burnout epidemic firsthand, and that’s why I’ve dedicated my career to combating it.

I’ve seen so many physicians and leaders in rough shape, burned out, feeling unhappy and hopeless. Through our coaching, they have completely reversed burnout and turned their lives and careers around. Over the last decade I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over 500  healthcare and physician leaders, and they’ve gone on to achieve immense satisfaction, pride, and joy in both their professional and personal lives.

I provide the tools that lead to increased productivity and efficiency, resilience in healthcare, and the professional meaning and satisfaction you deserve.

You have the capacity to live the life and career you want. I believe in you!

Make the first step towards a better, more fulfilling life and practice right now.

Building Resilience

Resilience is something that we all have within us. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s how important it is to adapt to the difficulties we encounter and remain calm and steady so we can achieve whatever goals we may have. Resilience is more than getting through, it’s about thriving, being at our best, getting knocked down and standing up ten times stronger.

Learn more at: Everyday Resilience



What is Physician Coaching / Physician Burnout Coaching?

Like coaching for athletes and executives, physician coaching is a powerful and thought-provoking way to help physicians achieve their professional goals and maximize their potential.

Dr. Gazelle combines the best evidence-based approaches in mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, focus, and decision-making.

Her coaching encourages:

  • Stronger leadership
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved brain function
  • Tools to sharpen every aspect of your performance
  • Greater compassion for yourself and others
  • An overall sense of calm

Prevent Physician Burnout Overview

Physician burnout is a long-term stress reaction to the demands of the modern healthcare environment. Long hours, the EMR, the emotional intensity of practice, and decreased time with each patient can lead physicians to become emotionally exhausted and lose their sense of personal achievement. 

Physician burnout is on the rise with multiple studies revealing rates of 40-60% in almost every specialty. 

I coach physicians one on one and through physician burnout coaching to help physicians build resilience and live the lives they’ve only dreamed of.

Physician Leaders Executive Coaching

Professional, career, and leadership coaching have a well-recognized presence in the business world and are moving into the healthcare arena. Physician leadership coaching helps you:

  • Improve time and meeting management skills
  • Develop greater comfort with conflict
  • Be a more effective team leader and build team engagement
  • Develop your authentic leadership style
  • Maintain clarity in emotionally charged situations

Harvard Medical School Faculty, Physician Coach, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Twice published NEJM, Keynote Speaker, and Author

In addition to publications in the New England Journal of Medicine, Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, the Journal of the American Association for Physician Leadership, Dr. Gazelle is a certified mindfulness teacher, a former consultant for the United States Department of Justice, and one of the nation’s preeminent physician burnout coaches.

She is also the author of “Everyday Resilience,” released in August 2020.

Dr. Gail Gazelle’s Healthcare Leader and Physician Coaching Model

I help physicians, physician leaders and everyone:


Build core

With neuroscience and mindfulness-based tools, move from a fixed to a growth mindset.

Establish confidence by overcoming self-doubt and self-defeating beliefs.

Develop and master the emotional intelligence needed to face conflict head on.


Gain the deep insights that motivate change:

Identify and move past whatever is keeping you stuck.

Develop mindfulness of limiting thoughts and behaviors.

Grow communication habits that ensure team buy-in and alignment with goals.


Achieve these outcomes:

Leave work at work and be more present with loved ones.

Prevent burnout in themselves and their teams.

Decrease procrastination and become more efficient and fulfilled at work.

After working with me, the
physicians and leaders that I coach:

Have a sense of command over their careers and lives

Are happy, energized, and productive in their work

Experience a level of career fulfillment they didn’t know was possible

Have the confidence, wisdom, practical tools and strategies to overcome whatever obstacles they face

Overcome self-doubt and are more assured in themselves and their decisions

Experience more presence and transformed relationships with the people that matter in their lives

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