What are some typical reasons someone might work with a physician coach?

Coaching can help with a number of issues physicians and physician leaders commonly face. Here are some of the top ones:

• You feel stuck somewhere in your life and/or career and you need help figuring out and taking the next steps
• There’s a gap in skills, confidence, or resources needed to achieve professional success—as defined by you
• You have been told that you would benefit from coaching
• Loss of sense of purpose
• You want to advance your career and you’re not sure how to do so
• Anger, detachment, or other signs of burnout
• Assistance with negotiating terms of employment
• You are successful, but success is problematic or scary or comes with unwanted expectations
• Improved work-life balance
• You want to enhance your emotional awareness and intelligence
• Identification of your core strengths and how best to leverage them in all areas of your life

Physician coaching provides a supportive and non-judgmental ally to assist you in overcoming whatever challenges you face. Give it a try… you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.

Do the Impossible: Make time for yourself!

Make time for yourself
One of the most common challenges physicians face is living in a negative time zone. Professional demands are fierce and growing. And you likely have family demands as well. You may be a parent and/or the caregiver for aging parents. And maybe you even have a partner you have to attend to! Even if you are a single adult, you likely have almost no free time.

You probably don’t believe there is enough time in the day for you. My recommendation is that you begin to reclaim time, even if this means starting with 5 minutes a day. Make a commitment to spend 5 minutes EVERY DAY doing anything that makes you happy, provides a sense of calm, or recharges you. Possible activities include: reading a relaxing book, taking a walk, working on a hobby, playing a musical instrument, taking a bath, petting your dog or cat, gardening, savoring a cup of tea or a sweet treat, exercising, or just sitting quietly. Start by making a list of things you enjoy and give you energy.

3 activities that I enjoy and that give me energy are:

Next, to make sure you actually take time for yourself, I recommend that you PUT YOURSELF ON YOUR SCHEDULE. Literally! Look at what’s on your schedule now. Surely, you are as important as these other activities! Sometimes, putting yourself in your calendars is this is the only way to actually start claiming the precious time you so desperately need. And, once you have gotten into the habit of taking 5 minutes every day, you can gradually titrate up the amount of time. You may find that you can take 30 minutes every day or even an hour…

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