Tackling burnout in physicians:

How coaching can help

Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching webinar
Dr. Gazelle was a featured expert on burnout in physicians and physician executives

YOU TUBE TRANSCRIPT: ( The first 2-minutes)

  • 0:00
    a warm welcome to all and a happy summer I hope wherever you are that it’s as
  • 0:06
    beautiful it is for Gale and me in Massachusetts today we are having
  • 0:11
    glorious summer and even that Gale it’s given that we’re talking about burnout it’s kind of interesting to have this
  • 0:18
    juxtaposition with the beautiful summer and the idea that one could be burned
  • 0:23
    out to say a few things about Gale and
  • 0:29
    I’m not going to go through the formal bio because you could all read that and I wanted to share a few things that Gale
  • 0:36
    shared with me which I think tell you something about both depth of character
  • 0:42
    and commitment people who are struggling so Gale a volunteer at hospice when she
  • 0:49
    was an undergrad and that’s not typical for for someone in their one late teens
  • 0:55
    and 20s scale yes to people who are dying when you are at a stage of life
  • 1:02
    when you’re barely just getting into the world and went to medical school in order to work in the hospital built has
  • 1:11
    been dedicated to vulnerable populations ever since for all of our medical career
  • 1:18
    and got interested in the caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s which is
  • 1:24
    extremely difficult all to play and we wrote a book 400 health complications
  • 1:30
    it’s called mindfulness support for Alzheimer’s caregivers and then more
  • 1:35
    recently has suited to help physicians because I guess scaling your time as a
  • 1:40
    doctor well they’re not in hospice and they don’t have Alzheimer’s
  • 1:47
    struggling in a way that wasn’t the case decade is it go and so Gail’s been
  • 1:53
    writing about resilience she’s got a free book called building restore himself and it’s now dedicated to
  • 2:00
    working with physicians to deal with this growing concern with position
  • 2:05
    burnout and wrote one of the first papers on this topic and you know now

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