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Best Self Physician Leadership Program

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Enhance Your Physician Leadership Skills

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your career or boost efficiency and performance in your current leadership role, Dr. Gazelle’s physician leaders executive coaching will set you on the path to achieving your goals.

Be Your Best Self Leadership Intensive

  • Do you want to develop your authentic and best leadership style?
  • Are you hoping to manage your time more effectively, heighten your efficiency, and perform consistently at your highest level?
  • Are you seeking tools to build your emotional intelligence, increase decisiveness, and build calm in your days?

If you answered yes to these, the Best Self Leadership Intensive is for you. From the Harvard Business Review to Warren Buffett to Daniel Pink, all sources agree that the key to successful, sustainable, and enjoyable leadership is authenticity and understanding what you need to be at your best.

“Working with Gail far surpassed my expectations. I work in a very politically charged environment with many silos having competing interests and agendas. Gail’s coaching helped me see through this, and to maintain focus on the priorities of my department. Now, rather than being managed, I am leading more effectively. I couldn’t have gotten here without Gail”

– Chief of Cardiac Surgery, New Jersey

The Best Self Program

This program is specifically tailored to the unique challenges healthcare leaders face. In this year-long intensive, we’ll focus on:


Be aware and be authentic. The cornerstone of effective leadership


Energy expenditure—know where you expend energy and be intentional about it


Strengths and values. Understand yours so you can leverage them for success


Time efficiency and productivty


See clearly your patterns, challenges, opportunities, and goals. Develop the strategies you need to succeed


Engagement — be clear where you want to engage more and less


Limiting beliefs – define and master beliefs that limit your growth


Fail forward and reach for fulfilment

“I looked into several coaches before choosing Gail, one of whom charged over $5,000 just to get started! Gail has helped me clarify my goals, create positive momentum, and explore my options for a more fulfilling career.  She is concise, affordable, on track, and holds me to task.  I recommend her highly.”

– Chief medical officer, Illinois

Who is the program for?

This intensive 12-month coaching program is for you if you want to:

  • Define your goals and move forward in a fast-paced, results-oriented way
  • Have clear direction that will identify and improve your leadership blind spots
  • Experience increased comfort facing conflict and managing up and down
  • Learn how to leverage your strengths and apply them to challenges
  • Increase your decisiveness and decrease your level of rumination
  • Enjoy more calm in your days
  • Work with an expert highly trained coach whose only agenda is helping you be at your best

What’s Included?

What’s included in the 12-month program:

  •  A 2-hour individualized phone, video, or in-person discovery session
  • 2 highly individualized coaching sessions per month for the first 6 months
  • 1 session per month for the second 6 months
  • A customized coaching summary report after each session
  • Detailed action steps and accountability plan following every session
  • 1 just-in-time 15-minute laser-focused coaching session/month
  • Unlimited email support

What Physicians Say About Dr. Gazelle’s Leadership Coaching

"I now operate from a place of greater personal autonomy"

“Gail’s leadership coaching program led me to understand what I need to do to be at my best. I now operate from a place of greater personal autonomy, sense of options, and make decisions every day based on a clearer sense of priorities. The external pressures haven’t changed, but I now have stronger tools for managing them.”

— Chief Medical Officer, New Jersey

"I now hold myself and my team members more accountable for excellence"

“Through coaching with Gail, I have benefitted tremendously in organizing my leadership style around my personal mission and core values.  With Gail’s help, I’ve been able to build upon this strong foundation and learn how to lead with less emotion and with a more structured approach. I now hold myself and my team members more accountable for excellence and do so from a place that brings forth the best in all of us. Gail has also helped me utilize mindfulness to be the best mom I can be to my teens. Thank you, Gail!”

– Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, Nebraska

"My life has changed fundamentally while working with Gail for the last year"

“I started coaching because, although I appeared to be at the pinnacle of my academic career, I was unhappy at work, was so stressed I couldn’t sleep and was developing other health problems, and didn’t value myself. Through coaching with Gail, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and life, and now not only enjoy my work but am more productive. My life is moving forward in ways I couldn’t imagine before. Gail gives 150% of herself and is highly skilled. My life has changed fundamentally while working with Gail for the last year. I am very grateful to have discovered her coaching.”

– Neurosurgery Endowed Chair, California

"With each session I see immediate results!"

“Through leadership coaching with Gail I’m gaining clarity and focus that helps me deal with a variety of leadership situations more effectively and with a newfound confidence. Gail’s relaxed and flexible style makes each coaching session enjoyable and productive, and with each session I see immediate results! I’ve truly thrived and am developing the leadership style that fits for my personality and strengths.”

– Palliative Care Director, Georgia