Building Your Resilient Self

Building Your Resilient Self

Physician Resilience Coaching Program

Grow Your Performance and Fulfilment Now

Whether you’re wanting to build resilience, become more efficient with charing, or improve communication skills Dr. Gazelle’s Building Your Resilient Self® coaching program will get you on track to reach your goals.

Make 2020 your best year yet

  • Hope to become more productive, efficient, and fulfilled in your career?
  • Want to build the skills you need to weather all the demands you face?
  • Looking to develop mindfulness and other tools to better manage the stress?
  • Want to experience more calm, confidence, and resilience?

If you answered yes to these, the Building Your Resilient Self® coaching program is for you.

From the New England Journal to the Harvard Business Review, all sources agree that coaching can make the difference between a career of stress, fatigue, and poor performance and one full of meaning, satisfaction, and efficacy. Coaching helps you develop key skills not taught in training, building on your strengths to improve communication, emotional regulation, and stress management. Dr. Gazelle partners with you to make sure that you have exactly what you need to manage the growing stress of a career in medicine.

What if you could walk into work every day feeling confident, at ease, and decisive? What if you could overcome the stress and feel powerful against it, rather than faltering under its weight?

This reality isn’t too good to be true.  With Dr. Gazelle’s results-oriented coaching, you’ll rapidly move toward the career satisfaction and mastery you deserve.

Over six months of phone, video-conference, or in-person coaching with Dr. Gazelle, you will:


  • Receive highly individualized coaching that motivates you to move forward in a fast paced, results-oriented way
  • Become more productive and efficient with your time
  • Regain your sense of purpose
  • Develop specific coping skills and tools
  • Feel a greater sense of balance, calm, and fulfillment
  • Be motivated and empowered to make the changes you want to make
  • Work with an expert coach who has coached over 400 physicians and understands the many nuances and challenges
  • Have a fully committed physician coach as your ally, sounding board, and champion

Atul Gawande:

“Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.”

What Physicians Say About Dr. Gazelle’s Coaching

"I owe Gail my piece of mind and will forever be indebted to her"

“After practicing Emergency Medicine for 12 years, I was completely burned out, experiencing profound dread prior to every shift, and a major sense of frustration. After working with Gail for less than 3 months, my mind is more at ease while at work and the angst that I experienced beforehand has begun to fade. I now have a restored sense of what I want for myself, my family and my career in medicine going forward. I owe Gail my piece of mind and will forever be indebted to her.”

Emergency physician, North Carolina

"Coaching was unexpectedly illuminating and it was also fun!"

“I came to Gail because I felt dissatisfied with my work and wasn’t sure how to move forward. Coaching was unexpectedly illuminating and it was also fun! Gail helped me learn quite a bit about myself and I now feel much freer. I’m in the same job but am clearer about my priorities, am more present for myself and my family, and am experiencing much less stress. Thank you Gail.”

Internist, Oklahoma

"I’m more present with my family, and enjoy the practice of medicine again"

“Before coaching with Gail,  I hated going to work as it had all become such a burden.  I found Gail on the Internet and I jumped in with both feet. It has been worth every penny and then some.

I have the same job with the same inexperienced supervisor, the same staff, and the same patients, but I have changed.  My outlook and attitude have changed.  I have developed tools to help me with the difficult administrator and staff.  I enjoy the patients again. I’m more present with my family, and enjoy the practice of medicine again. It was the best money I have ever spent.”

Family physician, Arizona

"My life has changed fundamentally while working with Gail for the last year"

“I started coaching because, although I appeared to be at the pinnacle of my academic career, I was unhappy at work, was so stressed I couldn’t sleep and was developing other health problems, and didn’t value myself. Through coaching with Gail, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and life, and now not only enjoy my work but am more productive. My life is moving forward in ways I couldn’t imagine before. Gail gives 150% of herself and is highly skilled. My life has changed fundamentally while working with Gail for the last year. I am very grateful to have discovered her coaching.”

Neurosurgery Endowed Chair, California

This 6-month all-inclusive coaching program is for you if:

  • You’re struggling with never-ending charting demands, and want greater efficiency

  • You want to be a better team player

  • You need skills to reduce irritability and reactivity

  • You want to improve your communication skills

  • You’re done with the status quo and are ready to take action to have your best year yet

  • You’re tired of blaming “the system” and want to do what you can to make things better

  • You want more peace of mind and more presence with loved one


What’s included in Building Your Resilient Self Caoching Program:


  • A 2-hour individualized intensive discovery session
  • 12 45-minute phone, Skype, or in person coaching sessions
  • Up to six just-in-time 15-minute laser-focused coaching sessions
  • A customized coaching summary report with action steps after each session
  • Unlimited email support

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