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Physician Mindfulness

Mindful Parenting

You’re writing in with a problem that many of my clients struggle with. You have important goals, to be the best provider and parent that you can possibly be. As physicians, we want to be the “best” at everything we do –

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Doctor Stress, Overwhelm, And Physician Burnout Treatment

Today’s Demystifying Mindfulness post features a cardiologist who feels as though he’s drowning in his work and has lost the passion that once fueled his medical career. Find out how he (and you!) can utilize mindfulness to overcome those feelings towards leading a satisfying and fulfilling career. Have your own questions about mindfulness? Contact us!

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6 Free Resources To Help You during COVID19 and Beyond.

  1. The Daily Dose of Calm Audios 
  2. Imposter No More PDF
  3. Everyday Resilience Book Chapter
  4. Leading In A Time of Crisis PDF
  5. From Balance To Burnout PDF
  6. 30-min Consult With Dr. Gazelle

Take advantage of one or more of these valuable resources created for clinicians and non-clinicians.

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