Coaching for Physicians

Coaching for Physicians

Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.

Atul Gawande

Coaching done well may be the most  effective intervention designed for human performance.

Atul Gawande

Introduction To Physician Coaching

What is Physician Coaching?

It’s partnering with you to guide you in a process of self-discovery aimed at building the inner and external resources you need to master whatever challenges you face. For physicians and physician leaders, this means using cutting edge neuroscience approaches to help you move from a fixed to a growth mindset, developing the emotional intelligence that empowers you to perform at your highest, achieving balance, and regaining the career fulfillment you deserve to have.

Whether as a leader, frontline clinician, or academician, life as a physician has become extremely challenging, with the EMR, compliance metrics, and productivity now ruling the healthcare landscape. We learn little in our training that prepares us for all the change and pressures that abound in our work. Many physicians say that training actually depletes them of the resourcefulness needed to run the marathon of a medical career.

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Yet your existence does not have to be defined by these overarching pressures. Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over 500 physicians and physician leaders in a wide variety of specialties. I have the tools and expertise to help physicians move past the demands into greater efficiency with charting, get over feeling like an imposter and be the strong yet calm leader they truly can be. My coaching helps you move from good to great, using state of the art coaching techniques to gain mastery over limiting thought patterns, build resilience, and utilize strengths to overcome weaknesses. My work ensures that you are performing at your very best, no matter what the obstacles. Acting as a supportive and expert accountability partner, I have the tools and expertise to help clear roadblocks, clarify what they want, and achieve it.

What Coaching Methods Are Used?

Where neuroscience, mindfulness, and firsthand experience meet.

Get The Best That Neuroscience Offers

Dr. Gazelle’s coaching utilizes the latest neuroscience developments to bring you true transformation.

We now understand that the human brain is much more malleable than previously known. We know that the right amount of stress increases performance and well-being, but it can also rapidly overwhelm higher-level executive brain function. The neuroplasticity of the human brain means that by intentionally harnessing our focus, we can increase efficiency, move from overly negative to more positive perspectives, and build motivation for new and effective habits.

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Too often physicians and physician leaders are derailed by their emotions, fear of conflict, and trapped in imposter beliefs. Through my focus on emotional intelligence, I help physicians gain agency over their emotions, leading to less activation of the amygdala, and greater engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s said that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

With coaching, I help you train your brain to be happier, healthier, and more productive so you can become the master of your life and your fate.

Mindfulness is one of the few things that has been shown to decrease physician burnout. I’ve had a mindfulness practice for many years and recently completed a 2-year mindfulness teacher training. I’m very pleased to share what I’ve learned with my physician clients. Don’t worry–this doesn’t mean that I tell my clients to meditate for an hour every day! It’s more helping you build calm, work with unproductive thought patterns, and build compassion for yourself and others. With easily implemented strategies and practices, you’ll learn how to incorporate mindfulness into every day of your work and life.

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Too often physicians and physician leaders are derailed by their emotions, fear of conflict, and trapped in imposter beliefs. Through my focus on emotional intelligence, I help physicians gain agency over their emotions, leading to less activation of the amygdala, and greater engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s said that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

With coaching, I help you train your brain to be happier, healthier, and more productive so you can become the master of your life and your fate.

Incorporate Physician Mindfulness In Your Everyday Life

An Experienced Physician Helping Experienced Physicians

With a three-decade-long career in medicine and Master Certified Coach certification, I have a solid understanding of the mindset of physicians and physician leaders in a wide variety of specialties. In fact, I discovered the power of coaching after having experienced burnout myself and witnessing colleagues succumb to it as well.

Coaching provided the lifeline and tools that helped me get back on track. I’m committed to sharing these benefits and helping physicians like you reclaim their passion, purpose, and balance. 

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Using state-of-the-art mindfulness, Appreciative Inquiry, and neuroscience-based tools, you will master the challenges that get in the way of achieving your professional goals. My coaching delivers the results and change you need. In addition, my belief in the power of humor makes every coaching session engaging and enjoyable. You’ll rapidly find yourself more satisfied and fulfilled, both at work and at home.

Best money I have ever spent

Before coaching with Gail, I was miserable. I struggled with a really tough administrator and hated going to work. I still have the same job with the same supervisor, the same staff, and the same patients, but with Gail’s help, my outlook and attitude have changed. I have developed tools to help me with the difficult administrator and staff. I enjoy the patients again. I am more present with my family.

It was the best money I have ever spent.

Family Physician


I owe Gail my piece of mind

After practicing Emergency Medicine for 12 years, I was completely burned out, experiencing profound dread prior to every shift, and a major sense of frustration. After working with Gail for less than 3 months, my mind is more at ease while at work and the angst that I experienced beforehand has begun to fade. I now have a restored sense of what I want for myself, my family and my career in medicine going forward. I owe Gail my piece of mind and will forever be indebted to her.

Emergency Physician

North Carolina

Coaching for Physician leaders

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Whether it’s Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, or the Harvard Business Review, all agree that what distinguishes great leaders is that they know themselves and lead from a place of self-awareness, transparency, values, curiosity, and vision.

Most physicians who move into leadership recognize that no part of their training or experience has prepared them for the challenges they face. Most went from managing patients to managing employees. From completing charts to completing performance reviews. From being responsible for their own work to delegating tasks and trusting a team to carry them out effectively.

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Utilizing state of the art neuroscience-informed approaches, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, I help physician leaders build decisiveness, prioritize effectively, manage procrastination, and develop the razor-sharp focus and direction needed to lead in these challenging times.

In a highly individualized manner, my coaching delivers just the right skills you need to become the strongest possible physician leader you can be.

What You Can Expect From Leadership Coaching

  • Managing competing priorities
  • Expertise in navigating interpersonal and team dynamics
  • Effective and efficient meeting management
  • Increased comfort managing conflict
  • Clarity and calm in emotionally charged situations
  • More effective team leadership and engagement
  • Identify and work with your blind spots;
  • Addressing self-limiting beliefs and career-limiting behaviors
  • Boosting your resilience and building calm into your day;
  • Building a high-performance team culture
  • Managing change
  • Navigating organizational politics
  • Building a culture of wellness
  • Benefit from a coach whose only agenda is making sure you’re the best possible version of yourself

Physician Leadership Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your career or boost efficiency and performance in your current leadership role, my physician leaders executive coaching will help you become a more confident, decisive, and effective leader and set you on the path to achieving each and every one of your goals.

Best Self Physician Leadership Coaching

Specifically adapted to provide physician leaders and healthcare executives with the skills and confidence to master the competing challenges of healthcare management, you’ll gain the right tools and mindset to perform at your highest level every day.

I couldn’t have gotten here without Gail.

Working with Gail far surpassed my expectations. I work in a very politically charged environment with many silos having competing interests and agendas. Gail’s coaching helped me see through this, and to maintain focus on the priorities of my department. Managing the interpersonal relationships with these individuals with competing interests was initially hampering my abilities as a physician leader.  Now, rather than being managed, I am leading more effectively. I couldn’t have gotten here without Gail.

Chief of Cardiac Surgery

New Jersey

Far beyond what any book or course could ever teach

I have utilized Gail’s expertise and coaching services for 2 years now, and I have been nothing but impressed. She has helped me ground myself, so that I am able be the best leader that I am capable of being. She has provided training for me far beyond what any book or course could ever teach. I cannot say enough about how essential she has been to my career

Chief of Hospitalist Services


I cannot say enough about how useful Gail’s coaching has been to my career and quality of life.

Gail has helped transform my career from one that was perfectly fine into one that is truly outstanding and satisfying. In leadership training, individuals are recommended to lead from their own strengths, but it’s easier said than done. Working with Gail, it has been a natural progression of identifying and using my strengths to the advantage of me and others involved in my work. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, now I find ways to depend on what I do have to make it all work. I cannot say enough about how useful Gail’s coaching has been to my career and quality of life.

Division Chief


Coaching for Physicians

Create The Life And Career You Long For

When you finished med school, is this what you imagined your life would look like when? Working late nights at the office completing chart after chart, but never being able to catch up. Feeling unable to answer to the increasing demands of your current role, yet having more and more responsibilities to take on.  Living with guilt caused by the inability to be present with your loved ones when work-related matters are constantly running through your mind.

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Many physicians today suffer the burden of increasing demands and unrelenting stress throughout their entire career, with no practical way out. Further, for most of us, training did not include skills in managing change, uncertainty, and …In fact, training may have cemented a fixed mindset that actually impedes our ability to properly cope with its realities.

What if you could walk into work every day feeling confident, at ease, and decisive? What if you could overcome the stress and feel powerful against it, rather than faltering under its weight?

This reality isn’t too good to be true. It’s how you should feel every day.

What You Can Expect From Physician Coaching

  • Complete confidentiality;
  • Mastery of the challenges that get in the way of achieving your professional goals;
  • A realistic accountability structure to help you do what you say you want to do;
  • Becoming more grounded, focused, and centered;
  • Better stress management and work-life balance;
  • Clarity about your authentic goals and core values;
  • Improved skills in caring for yourself;
  • A clear idea on how to live your best life – TODAY;
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    • A strong advocate and ally who champions your growth and success
    • Support from a Master level coach who has coached over 500 physicians and physician leaders
    • Complete and deep understanding from a sage physician who has worked in an unusually wide array of professional roles and understands what almost all physicians and healthcare executives grapple with on a daily basis
    • The expertise of a physician coach who has completed rigorous coach training and certification at the Coaches Training Institute, one of the foremost coaching programs in the country.

    Physician Coaching Programs 

    Individual Coaching

    One-on-one coaching allows me to give you my undivided attention in a completely individualized experience, tailored uniquely to your needs. If you’re looking to make quick progress, these are just the programs you need.

    Jumpstart Your Resilience

    This 3-session program will take you past your frustration with your career to regain a sense of meaning, purpose, and thriving.

    The program is designed for rapid and continuous improvement. You’ll begin the breakthrough process from the very first session and leave the last session with a strategy to stay on track even after the program is completed.

    Building Your Resilience Self

    This 6-month longitudinal program is tailored for your unique needs and ensures continuous support over the course of six months.

    This method provides a realistic accountability structure to help you do what you say you want to do with a strong advocate who facilitates your growth and change.

    Free Resources

    Get started with coaching or stay on track once you’ve completed a program with live courses. Through regular sessions and individual progress checks, they are an effective, flexible and affordable way to help you regain your sense of purpose and fulfillment, build efficiency, and lead with strength and calm.

    From Burnout To Balance

    10 Steps To Prevent Burnout Today

    This brief must-read guide provides just the right practical resilience strategies you need to not just survive but to truly thrive.

    Learn new ways to manage the stress and demands our healthcare system keeps forcing upon physicians and leading them toward burnout.

    The Daily Dose of Calm

    Mini Mindfulness Course

    Feel a sense of control over your life and career by reducing stress, coping with demands, sharpening your focus, and finding greater calm through meditation.

    In less than 10 minutes per day, you’ll receive bite-sized lessons in mindfulness as well as a guided meditation.


    With this uplifting, energizing, and inspiring experience, you’ll be learning skills that you can take back to work, that will help you regain the calm and balance you’ve been longing for.  Moreover, you’ll be with a group of physicians who share your experience and challenges, and wholeheartedly understand your day-to-day struggles.

    Day of Mindfulness & Compassion
    For Healthcare Providers

    $245 (Get $25 off – for a limited time)

    Saturday, January 12, 2020

    Join colleagues for a New Year’s Winter Mindfulness Retreat for Healthcare Providers to help you bring in the new year and set your course for 2020

    This retreat is designed to help clinicians like you learn about mindfulness and discover practical ways of integrating it into your workday. Take time for yourself,  feel better about your work again, and have what you need to make 2020 your best year yet.

    Gail even helped me secure a significant raise!

    Having Gail as my coach has been the best decision I made since deciding to go into medicine. In the summer of 2016 I felt burnt out and overwhelmed. Gail helped me understand the underlying causes and align my priorities, transforming my professional and social life. Now I have more free time with my family while still maintaining my salary. Gail even helped me secure a significant raise! Most importantly, I now feel better prepared to handle any new challenges that will come in the future. I can’t thank Gail enough.



    More present for myself and my family

    I came to Gail because I felt dissatisfied with my work and wasn’t sure how to move forward. Coaching was unexpectedly illuminating and it was also fun! Gail helped me learn quite a bit about myself and I now feel much freer. I’m in the same job but am clearer about my priorities, am more present for myself and my family, and am experiencing much less stress. Thank you, Gail.



    I feel a sense of empowerment and success

    I came to Gail after realizing that my old ways of coping no longer worked as well as I wanted. From the start, Gail’s supportive and empathetic stance helped me see that I can cope despite the many stressors of practice. She brings much insight, and the multiple mindfulness tools we utilize have expanded my awareness and perspective. I am now more patient with staff, less judgmental, and much less reactive. I feel a sense of empowerment and success at handling the challenges. I am very grateful to Gail.



    Healthcare Coaching for Organizations

    Healthcare Keynotes, Speaking Events & Workshops

    With deep comprehension and empathy, Dr. Gazelle uses real vignettes from her physician coaching practice, experiential learning, humor, and engaging Q&A to offer validation, hope, insight, and practical solutions to your audience.

    The creation of a unique learning environment leaves participants feeling refreshed and empowered, with renewed optimism about their ability to sustain meaning and satisfaction in their work.

    Physician Mindfulness Workshops

    Foster A Culture Of Civility, Compassion And Communication

    Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to mitigating physician burnout. It’s also an approach to living and working that harnesses the mind to increase focus, concentration, compassion, efficiency, and calm.

    Build a mindfulness culture in your physicians, nurses, and all members of your healthcare team through customized presentations and workshops. A culture of mindfulness means greater civility, compassion, and communication, all of which contribute to increased patient safety as well as improved provider satisfaction.

    Known to be a dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Gazelle has the combination of Harvard credibility and down-to-earth style that makes this topic accessible, overcoming skepticism and,  and providing exactly the practical tools they need.

    We have received outstanding feedback

    We truly were honored by your presence at the symposium and felt the mindfulness workshop was outstanding. We have received outstanding feedback. Thank you again!

    Patrick Brine, MD

    Mercy Healthcare

    I give you my highest praise

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your keynote lecture at our annual meeting. The formal evaluations were universally positive. Just one day after your outstanding presentation I have already received several calls thanking us for having you speak to our group. Your ability to engage and resonate with doctors and speak to them in our language is amazing.  I give you my highest praise and would recommend you to not only to physicians but to any group engaged in any facet of healthcare.

    Lou DiLillo, MD

    Chief Medical Officer, Northeast Hospital Organization

    Managing the Disruptive Physician

    It’s not news that all the changes in healthcare are taking a toll on your physician staff. Struggling physicians diffuse negativity that can impact both patients and non-physician staff. This challenge to morale reduces efficiency and productivity, and subsequent attrition impacts the bottom line. Disruptive physicians often have blind spots in their self-awareness and have limited understanding of the impact they have on others.

    Dr. Gazelle is expert in working with disruptive physicians, building the rapport and trust needed to effect sustainable behavioral change. Her coaching offers complete confidentiality, a safe and non-punitive learning environment, and a productive approach for physicians to explore the issues vital to their and their organization’s success. Contact her today to discuss how she can assist your organization.

    Creative, insightful, and resourceful in guiding me on a journey

    Forced to receive counseling by my hospital’s medical board after a single careless utterance, Dr. Gazelle was recommended. She was direct and effective in the most compassionate possible way. She was creative, insightful, and resourceful in guiding me on a journey of self-reflection, mindfulness, and behavior modification with the overarching goal of helping me be the best I can possibly be.

    ENT Surgeon

    North Carolina

    Gail helped me reach my goals

    I was referred for coaching by my hospital. Although it was not my choice to see a coach, I found the process worthwhile and actually enjoyable. Dr. Gazelle’s process helped me focus on my strengths and what I have to offer those around me. It was a unique and valuable experience to spend time looking at me, instead of all my responsibilities, and Gail helped me reach my goals. I am glad to have worked with Dr. Gazelle.

    General Surgeon



    With all the pressures and cost constraints in the modern healthcare environment, opportunities for miscommunication and misalignment are many. Physicians often are not trained in the communication, leadership, and conflict management skills needed to manage the many challenges they face. Without this necessary training, they may find themselves struggling to work collaboratively with non-physician administrative and health system leadership.  They may have blind spots in their self-awareness and have limited understanding of the impact they have on others.

    Having coached over 500 physicians and physician leaders, Dr. Gazelle understands the many nuances and knows exactly how to motivate, guide, and develop the potential of your physicians to be at their best regardless of the pressures they face. She is an expert in helping physicians maneuver in today’s challenging healthcare environment. She knows how to motivate the best thinking and ensures that physician behavior and communication are aligned with the system’s vision and mission.

    Dr. Gazelle’s work is impactful and leads to sustained change that is congruent with the highest possible quality of care.

    Examples of situations Dr. Gazelle consults on:

    • Fostering collaboration and trust between physician and health system leadership
    • Improving disruptive physician behaviors
    • Growing physician leadership
    • Improving communication and teamwork across disciplines
    • Building a culture of mindfulness, compassion, and safety
    • Aligning physician leadership behavior with health system mission