Everyday Resilience Course

Build Resilience for Challenging Times

The fall 2020 course is now full.

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Learn the practical tools you need to manage the stresses of COVID and live mindfully and thrive, at work and at home

Working in healthcare is challenging. The demands are many and the stress level is intense. We have to spend hours tending to the electronic record, and our days are full of below-grade administrative tasks. With COVID, there’s the added challenge of worries about our own safety, and keeping loved ones out of harm’s way, as well as all the stress and uncertainty about the future.

In addition to all this busyness externally, our minds are busy racing around, flitting to the past, worrying about the future, telling us that we’re an imposter and never good enough. We can find it almost impossible to quiet our minds and simply be present. We’re exhausted from it all and our personal relationships suffer.

I know you want something more.
I’m here to tell you that more is definitely possible.

In the hundreds of physicians, nurses, and others I’ve coached and taught in workshops and retreats, I’ve seen the dramatic benefits that simple strategies can make. There are levers we can pull, small changes we can make every day that have massive benefit. I’m happy to share the best of these in this LIVE course –

Build Resilience for Challenging Times

In this experiential 6-week live course, you’ll learn the levers you need to pull to keep returning to a sense of
groundedness and ease, and better yet, you’ll experience them for yourself in a safe and supportive community of
clinicians just like you.



Grow Positive Relationships
at Work and at Home

Learn your triggers for
emotional reactivity

Master the art of the
purposeful pause

Understand the top things you
are taking personally and how
to shift them



Build Your Motivation
for Change

Apply your unique strengths

Develop the agency you need
to make the changes you want
to see in your life

Move from patterns that take
you down to upward spirals of
positivity and growth



Become More Flexible
and Adaptable

Appreciate that thoughts
are just thoughts

Learn how to trade
guilt for goodness

Step out of self-limiting
stories and beliefs



Master Your
Emotional Self

Learn to take your emotional
temperature and how to
regulate it

Learn a powerful tool to work
with challenging emotions

Gain mastery over anxiety
and fear



Grow Your

Spot and stay clear of the
vortex of negativity

Know how to keep your
resilience well full

Move from learned
helplessness to learned



Move Into Sustainable

Shift from inner bully to
inner ally

Develop greater

Stick to non-negotiable
wellness habits

**Bonus session-Based on participant needs**

This program provides just the right ongoing skill development, support, structure, accountability, and community that will get you exactly where you want to go.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed by everything COVID has brought and you need skills to make things more manageable
  • You are good at taking care of everyone else and feel guilty for taking even a few minutes to get what you need during this difficult time
  • You feel isolated by the PPE and too much time on telehealth
  • You’re tired of being tired all the time and you know that something needs to give
  • You’re struggling with burnout and are ready to reverse this pattern
  • You’re working as hard as you possibly can, at work and at home, and it feels like no one sees or understands
  • You feel guilty that you don’t spend enough time with your family and have trouble being mentally present with them when you do
  • You’re wondering if all the work you did to get here was worth it
  • You want to hit the pause button and get even a little peace of mind

This program is NOT for you if:

. . . you aren’t ready to take responsibility for making things better
. . . you want to be given a solution without putting in any time or effort
. . . you’d rather spend time in negative conversations with yourself and others than take action
. . . you’re content blaming “the system” for your problems

This group program will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your life and career.


Who will run the Build Resilience for Challenging Times program?

The program will be facilitated by Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC. Dr. Gazelle is a former hospice physician, Master Certified Coach, and certified mindfulness teacher.

Dr. Gazelle will be assisted by Dr. Elisabeth Drance, psychiatrist and certified mindfulness teacher.

Who will be in my group?

You’ll be joined by physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and others who are struggling to thrive in the healthcare system.

What’s the schedule and frequency of meetings?

We’ll be meeting weekly on a Tuesday evening from 8 to 9:15 PM Eastern time. Each call is recorded so you can listen at your leisure to sessions that you will have lifetime access to.

What’s the price?

For only $695, you’ll receive:

  • One 75-minute online call every week with Master Coach Gail Gazelle as your facilitator
  • Downloadable call audio and transcript that you can review at your leisure
  • Access to Dr. Gazelle’s library of guided meditations and mindfulness talks
  • Weekly life Q and A sessions so you can get real-time support
  • Email support from Dr. Gazelle
  • Lifelong friends and advocates

*Speak with Dr. Gazelle if you want to add 2 private one-on-on coaching sessions with her directly