Dr. Gazelle’s Resources

These FREE resources are meant to give you exactly what you need to build inner strength and weather the challenges you face.

Stress Free Charting

This free resource is aimed to help you better manage your physician charting tasks so you can save time to do what’s important – enjoy your life.

The Daily Dose of Calm

A free 14-Day mini mindfulness course. In less than 10 minutes per day, you’ll learn about mindfulness and get practice meditating.

Imposter No More

Everything you need to take full credit for all your accomplishments and strengths and vanquish Imposter Syndrome from your life!

Leading In A Time of Crisis

What healthcare leaders need to know. Leadership in healthcare has never been more difficult than it is now. Get exactly what you need to cope and thrive.

From Burnout to Balance

Struggling with burnout? This brief must-read guide provides just the right practical resilience strategies you need.

Everyday Resilience

Read a free chapter and get the exact practical knowledge and strategies you need to weather whatever challenges come your way.

Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation

Chart your course to greater calm, enhanced productivity, strengthened leadership, and a greater sense of purpose.

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