Guided Meditations and Short Talks For Healthcare Providers

Guided Meditations for Healthcare Providers

An expert in mindfulness and resilience

Dr. Gazelle spent two years in intensive mindfulness meditation teacher training with global leaders Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. It gives her great pleasure to share what she has learned from these two great mindfulness leaders and others.

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Personally, and in the hundreds of healthcare providers she’s coached, Dr. Gazelle has seen the powerful impact mindfulness meditation brings. Gail offers these free meditations and short talks to anyone working in healthcare to help access steadiness and calm, question thoughts and assumptions, and develop the same compassion for themselves that they bring to their patients.

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Access Calm In Healthcare Today

Unlock your free access to The Daily Dose of Calm, specifically for Healthcare Providers.

Get 14 days of education about mindfulness as well as daily guided meditations developed specifically for those in healthcare.

Learn to cope with the unique pressures of working in healthcare by including brief meditation in your daily routine. Through mindfulness and meditation your quiet the busyness of your mind, gain steadiness, and experience much greater calm.

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