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Motivational Healthcare Speaker, Author, and Coach Gail Gazelle, MD Specializes In The Areas of Physician Burnout, Mindfulness, Imposter Syndrome, and Building Charting Efficiency.

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Healthcare speaker Gail Gazelle, MD offers transformational power of in-person or virtual physician burnout, resilience, and Imposter Syndrome keynote presentation.

“As soon as the presentation finished, our group immediately requested that she come back and speak again.”

Sarita Khemani, MD

Hospital Medicine, Stanford University

“Dr. Gazelle was just the right expert, and her talk was overwhelmingly positively received”

Wallis Marsh, MD

Chair, Department of Surgery, West Virginia University

“The timing was perfect because we are all exhausted, burned out, and feeling isolated from the COVID 19”

Jennifer Lee-Summers, MD

Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine

“We have received extensive positive feedback about her presentations”

Helen Cajigas, MD

Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Women

“We were truly honored to have Dr. Gazelle present to the group”

Jatin Dave, MD

Chief Medical Officer

“I give you my highest praise…thank you, thank you, thank you”

Lou DiLillo, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Northeast Hospital Organization

Dr. Gail Gazelle

Dr. Gail Gazelle MD, MCC

Dr. Gail Gazelle MD, MCC

An Experienced Physician, Healthcare Speaker, Author, And Coach Supporting Experienced Physicians

A dynamic, engaging, and humorous speaker, Dr. Gazelle is available to speak to groups or at conferences nationwide. Book a speaking engagement with Dr. Gazelle.

Our medical system presents increasing challenges to physicians, causing a great deal of stress that often leads to burnout. Indeed, one in every two physicians in the United States suffers from burnout.

A highly sought-after speaker and thought leader, Dr. Gazelle has been at the forefront of the movement fighting physician burnout.

Widely recognized for her combination of science, experience, and practical know-how, Dr. Gazelle is a seasoned physician and an expert on physician burnout, leadership development, and building resilience. A Harvard Medical School physician, Dr. Gazelle has been in practice for over 25 years and understands that both physician leaders and frontline clinicians often feel overlooked by a complex and broken medical system.

With deep comprehension and empathy, she uses case examples, experiential learning, humor, and engaging Q&A to offer validation, hope, insight, and practical solutions. Dr. Gazelle creates a unique learning environment in which participants leave feeling refreshed and empowered, with renewed optimism about their ability to sustain meaning and satisfaction in their work.

Healthcare Speaker Keynote Topics

Invite healthcare speaker, author, and coach Dr. Gail Gazelle, to be the keynote speaker at your upcoming event. Among her areas of expertise, she’s sought-after for her vast knowledge as a physician-burnout, mindfulness, and imposter syndrome keynote speaker.

resilience healthcare speaker

Everyday Resilience and Well-being: 3 Steps Physicians Can Take to Thrive Today

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we all need resilience, and the good news is that it can be built. In this experiential talk, we cover moving from focusing on self-deficit to self-strength, practice mindfulness, and shifting out of the negativity bias to see the good in self and others. Clinicians leave this talk able to reframe challenges as opportunities and with a sense of hope, optimism, and personal empowerment.

imposter syndrome healthcare speaker

Never Enough: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Guilt, And Perfectionism

This talk helps clinicians deal with the discomfort of being labeled “a hero” as well as feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt on the frontlines of this crisis. We’ll run through exercises, visualizations, and cover the latest in neuroscience and mindfulness. Your clinicians will be energized and with heightened confidence, self-belief, and understanding of what they need to do to be at their best.

physician burnout healthcare speaker

Physician Burnout 101: A Small Dose of Mindfulness for Massive Changes

In addition to the many physical and mental health benefits, mindfulness is an evidence-based approach for building calm, focus, and steadiness, and for mitigating burnout. This talk covers the neuroscientific basis for mindfulness, and practical tools even the busiest clinician can utilize on a daily basis. Clinicians will leave with specific strategies they can implement to restore meaning, purpose, and presence, both at work and at home.

mindfulness healthcare speaker

Becoming Your Own Master: Balancing Life, Family, and Your Practice

There has never been a more difficult time to be a clinician. This talk covers practical strategies to master emotional reactivity, build steadiness, and thrive on the frontlines and at home. Clinicians will leave this talk with skills and practices to be at their best with patients, coworkers, and loved ones, and with tools to build stronger relationships, experience deeper fulfillment at work, and enjoy more presence and calm.

The Benefits of A Live Healthcare Speaker

The benefits of a live event, either in person or virtual…

Healthcare Speaker keynote

Whether your audience is composed of physicians, physician leaders, or non-physicians, healthcare speaker and physician burnout keynote expert Dr. Gazelle carefully adapts each speaking engagement to her audience, to provide the most valuable insight in line with the challenges your clinicians face.

Gail Gazelle, MD’s presentations and workshops have a multitude of positive outcomes including:

  • Tools and actionable steps to conquer burnout in one’s self and one’s colleagues
  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • More effective approach to work-life balance
  • Improved morale and engagement, leading to reduced attrition
  • Better communication skills and empathy with colleagues and patients
  • Greater resilience towards daily pressures and stress

6 Reasons Why Organizations Book
Gail Gazelle MD For Keynote Speaking


Dr. Gazelle is a leading authority on physician burnout


Organizations consistently receive highly positive feedback


Event attendees find Dr. Gazelle engaging, humorous, and insightful


Over 30 years of experience in the medical profession


A Harvard physician, she’s coached over 500 physicians


One of the few healthcare experts versed on burnout and on mindfulness

What Clients Are Saying About Healthcare Speaker
Dr. Gazelle’s Physician Burnout Keynotes:

"Her session was on target and was extremely well received by the group. "

“Dr. Gazelle provided a great session to our Anesthesia leaders! I truly enjoyed working with her.  Her session was on target and was extremely well received by the group.  These leaders can be tough and each of them had positive things to say about the session and about Dr. Gazelle.  Thank you for making this a great way to spend a Saturday!.”

Shani Lenard, MS, MA | Sheridan Healthcare

"Her engaging and humorous style helped our physicians learn with fun about this important yet challenging topic."

“Dr. Gazelle presented at our annual forum on clinician wellbeing and she did not disappoint. She is an amazing speaker and coach, and combined core principles of physician leadership with doses of reality so docs could take home practical strategies for living and practicing in a balanced and resilient way. Her engaging and humorous style helped our physicians learn with fun about this important yet challenging topic. We were truly honored to have Dr. Gazelle present to the group.”

Jatin Dave, MD | Chief Medical Officer

"A dynamic, warm, energizing and thoughtful speaker, with a terrific sense of humor."

“Dr. Gazelle was the keynote speaker at our annual Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology symposium. Gail was a dynamic, warm, energizing and thoughtful speaker, with a terrific sense of humor. I highly recommend her as a speaker for any professional conference.”

Ira L. Skolnik, MD, PhD | President, Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology

" I have already received several calls thanking us for having you speak to our group. "

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your keynote lecture at our annual meeting.

The formal evaluations were universally positive. Just one day after your outstanding presentation I have already received several calls thanking us for having you speak to our group. Your ability to engage and resonate with doctors and speak to them in our language is amazing.  I give you my highest praise and would recommend you to not only to physicians but to any group engaged in any facet of healthcare.”

Lou DiLillo, MD | Chief Medical Officer, Northeast Hospital Organization

"The leaders greatly appreciated your time and expertise."

“The leaders greatly appreciated your time and expertise. You set the stage for honest, constructive, solution-oriented dialogue. Thank you for helping us see what we each can do to be at our best. Thank you!”

Julie Wei, MD | Nemours

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Gail Gazelle, MD: Healthcare Speaker In The Areas of Physician Burnout, Mindfulness, Imposter Syndrome, and Building Charting Efficiency.

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