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Imposter Syndrome

Your 6-module program to step out of feeling like an imposter and step into calm, confidence, resilience, and the full appreciation of your true talents and worth.

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Exceptional in content and rich in practical strategies!”
– Tania, Australia

“You feel you have a knowledgeable friend guiding you.”
– Denise, Texas

What a relief to no longer think that I need to try to be perfect!”
– Susan, Canada

Awesome! This course gave me the clarity I’ve never had before.”
– Lynn, Indiana

How much can you relate to the following statements?

  • I worry that I am not “good enough” at my work.
  • I believe that I am not as smart or as competent as others.
  • Others can see that I am a complete imposter.
  • I live with a sense of fear that I will be found out as a fraud.

Living with this constant concern of being judged and found wanting is detrimental to your personal, professional, and emotional health. Your feelings of insecurity prevent you from achieving the calm and presence you crave and deserve to have.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to live this way.

I have taken everything I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of people and helping them transform their lives. As a result, I created this course to give you the exact tools you need.

“What I gained in Dr. Gazelle’s course was so valuable and far beyond what I expected for the price I paid.”

- Beatrice, Massachusetts

Experience the Freedom & Ease You Desire



A 6-module self-directed online course to take you from the burden of walking around feeling like an Imposter to freedom and ease.


This course gives you the practical tools to:

1. Shed negative beliefs about yourself and move into full confidence in your abilities

2. Cultivate courage to live life as fully as you possibly can

3. Practice self-compassion so you can step out of the shadow of your Inner Critic and into your authentic strengths and talents

4. Build realistic positivity see the true goodness of what you bring to the world

5. Experience greater impact so you can fulfill your deepest purpose

6. Build greater presence and peace of mind at work and with your loved ones, giving them the full gift of your attention

Included in this course:


18 video lessons

To guide you as you vanquish the Imposter Syndrome. Each video is accessible and easy to follow.


Practical exercises

To give you just the right amount of practice.

Guided meditations

To help you unlock the hold of the Imposter Syndrome.

Lifetime access

To all the material so you can return to it as often as needed.

The 6 modules cover:


What imposter syndrome is and who it affects

Learn what imposter syndrome is, the fact that many famous high-achieving people suffer from it, and the key cycle that perpetuates it.


The true impact of imposter syndrome symptoms

Understand the ways you get trapped in imposter beliefs, how the Imposter Syndrome impacts all aspects of your life, and why it’s vital to vanquish it.


The neuroscience behind imposter syndrome

Gain insight into how your brain gets caught in imposter syndrome, and get the key practical approaches that will help you rewire your brain.


How mindfulness helps vanquish imposter beliefs

Learn about mindfulness, why it is key to eradicating imposter syndrome, and practical mindfulness strategies you can implement immediately.


How self-compassion can cure imposter syndrome

Recognize the destructive triad of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and procrastination, and how self-compassion will help you move forward.


Putting together your individualized action plan

Develop your personalized action plan that provides the specific practical steps to move forward and vanquish imposter syndrome now!

The only course you’ll need to overcome imposter syndrome

Get the course for just $397

Your Course Instructor

Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC

Over my career, I have worked with thousands of hospice patients and their families and coached hundreds of physicians and healthcare leaders struggling with the dysfunction of the modern healthcare system. I have also walked my own resilience journey from childhood abuse to a life of accomplishment, joy, and fulfillment. I have learned a great deal about what each and every one of us needs to overcome self-doubt and negative inner beliefs and truly thrive in our lives and careers.

My teachings have helped many people overcome imposter syndrome and live their best and most authentic self every single day of their lives.

I have developed this course to help you do the same.

What People are Saying About Dr. Gail Gazelle’s
Imposter No More Course

“Awesome! This course gave me the clarity I’ve never had before. I didn’t know anything about Imposter Syndrome and realized how I am definitely an Imposter. Gail is an excellent speaker and instructor. This course gets 5 stars!” – Lynn, Massachusetts

“This course was exceptional in the content and rich in practical strategies!  There is a great balance between self-reflection, increasing knowledge, and real-life exercises.  Dr. Gazelle guides you expertly through the content and practical exercises and you gain valuable clarity on how the Imposter Syndrome shows up for you and how you can start to challenge your unhelpful thoughts and change your reactions to kind responses and be more self-compassionate.” – Tania, Australia

“Dr. Gail Gazelle’s Imposter No More course provides us with the tools to release ourselves from the tyranny of the imposter syndrome. What a relief to no longer think that I need to try to be perfect. I am so grateful for the lessons on self-compassion. I am finding myself to be so much more efficient and feeling at ease, now that I have let go of the impossible standards that I once set for myself. If you want to feel better about yourself, take this course!” – Susan, Canada

“Dr. Gazelle’s Imposter No More Course provides a clear understanding of Imposter Syndrome, the underlying causes, and practical steps toward working with the mindset that keeps people trapped in thinking they are imposters in their own lives. Dr. Gazelle shares her expertise to lead you through the material with compassion, kindness, and support. You feel you have a knowledgeable friend guiding you toward freedom to be your own best ally.” – Denise, Texas

“Dr. Gazelle always has an amazing way of relating to people. From her meditations to her Facebook group, Everyday Resilience, to this course, thank you so much!” – Champa, Georgia

“Dr. Gazelle’s course is full of helpful information and real-life examples. This is a very professional, helpful, and informative course from a warm, supportive, and intelligent guide.” – Heather, New Hampshire

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Your 6-module program to step out of feeling like an imposter and step into calm, confidence, resilience, and the full appreciation of your true talents and worth.

Get the course for just $397

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