Jumpstart Your Resilience

Jumpstart Your Resilience

Physician Coaching Program

Client Feedback


“I was on the verge of walking away from my job and from being a physician. I felt fraudulent, perpetually tired, and emotionally overburdened. Coaching has been life-changing and has empowered me as a physician, mother, and leader. With Gail’s help, I’ve been able to find myself again and prioritize what matters most to me. I have stayed in the same job and profession but am so much happier. With all my thanks Gail! “

Palliative care leader, Rhode Island

Jumpstart Your Resilience

Invest in yourself today and get the career satisfaction and peace of mind you long for.

Have 1:1 individualized time with internationally recognized master physician coach Gail gazelle, MD.

Hit the reset button with a whole new approach.


With this 3-session breakthrough coaching program, you’ll rapidly:

  • Get the exact tools you need to move beyond all the challenges
  • Regain a sense of control over your practice
  • Learn how to be present with loved ones
  • Eradicate self-doubt and the Imposter Syndrome
  • Hit the reset button and start living and working in a whole new way
    Have the specific action steps you need after every session
  • Have unlimited time with Dr. Gazelle that is tailored specifically to you and your unique needs

What Outcome Can You Expect From This Program?

This individualized program will take you past your frustration with your career, to regain a sense of thriving in your work, and reverse the patterns of negativity and rumination you’ve been caught in. From the start, you’ll begin your breakthrough process!

SESSION 1: Understand Your Patterns and Build a Blueprint for Success

  • Identify your strengths and your unique trigger points
  • Learn the basic mindfulness techniques that allow you question thoughts and assumptions
  • Master your self-critical inner judge
    Understand how to get what you want in your practice life

SESSION 2: Gain The Key Strategies You Need to Build Efficiency as Well as Peace of Mind

  • Simple mindfulness protocols to build calm in your day—that don’t require any extra time in your day!
  • Practical tools that improve your ability to get charts done more efficiently
  • Learn how to step out of the vortex of negativity
  • Gain tools to vanquish the mindset of self-doubt and the Imposter Syndrome

SESSION 3: Reclaim Your Sense of Purpose and Direction

  • Start with the end in mind: Envision the career you want
  • Learn how to get the things that fill your tank
  • Derail areas of unnecessary energy expenditure
  • Establish your own resilience plan so you know you’ll stay on track

Client Feedback


“I came to Gail after realizing that my old ways of coping no longer worked as well as I wanted. From the start, Gail’s supportive and empathetic stance helped me see that I can cope despite the many stressors of practice. She brings much insight, and the multiple mindfulness tools we utilize have expanded my awareness and perspective. I am now more patient with staff, less judgmental, and much less reactive. I feel a sense of empowerment and success at handling the challenges. I am very grateful to Gail.”

–Internist, Massachusetts

Client Feedback


“I started coaching with Gail as my Press Ganey’s were in the gutter and I’d tried everything imaginable to improve them. Using mindfulness and other techniques, Gail helped me figure out exactly where I was getting hung up and how to do things differently. Same patients, same problems but now I’m not only getting much better scores but I’m also much happier at work and at home. The impact of Gail’s coaching has been immeasurable.”

–Emergency physician, Wisconsin

Why Is NOW The Perfect Time To Jumpstart Your Physician Resilience

If you truly want peace of mind and a more fulfilling career, what are you waiting for? In this intensive and focused program, you’ll receive the support from Dr. Gazelle that will motivate and empower you to get where you want to go.

Don’t wait! Get on the path to renewing yourself and your career today

What’s Included In Jumpstart Your Resilience:

  • 3 45-minute individualized one-to-one sessions with Dr. Gazelle on a private Zoom platform
  • 6 months of unlimited email support with Dr. Gazelle
  • A champion and accountability partner to get you where you want to go
  • Individualized worksheets to keep you on track
  • Our private Facebook community of colleagues from around the country