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2024 | 10 Media & Press Interviews

CBS News Detroit at 7 am | March 21, 2024

CBS News

Dr. Gazelle identifies burnout as a multifactorial syndrome characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment. This condition often arises from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

CBS News Detroit at 5 am | March 21, 2024

CBS News

Dr. Gazelle discusses the importance of addressing burnout not only for the sake of healthcare providers but also for maintaining high standards of patient care. By implementing these strategies, healthcare institutions can create a more supportive environment that nurtures the well-being of their staff and ensures the delivery of safe, compassionate, and effective care to patients.

Patient Safety Week – The Silent Threat to Safe Care | March 20, 2024

The Chicago Journal

Dr. Gazelle shines a light on this critical issue, highlighting how physician burnout characterized by exhaustion, cynicism, and a diminished sense of accomplishment directly jeopardizes the quality of patient care. With over half of physicians experiencing burnout, the implications stretch far beyond individual health, affecting the broader healthcare system’s ability to deliver safe, compassionate, and effective care.

Health expert breaks down physician burnout and patient safety| March 20, 2024

CBS News

Dr. Gazelle has made significant contributions to addressing physician burnout and enhancing patient safety. With over a decade of experience coaching more than 500 physicians and physician leaders, Dr. Gazelle has been a pioneering figure in recognizing and combating the debilitating effects of burnout among healthcare professionals.

Dr. Gazelle: 6 Mindfulness Tips to Restore Autonomy & Cure Burnout | March 18, 2024

Dr. Tamara Beckford Show

Dr. Gazelle has made significant contributions to the fields of healthcare, mindfulness, and physician well-being.

Strategies for New Dentists Battling Impostor Syndrome and Overcoming Self-Doubt | March 7, 2024

Young Dentist Magazine

Dr. Gazelle offers a set of valuable strategies to navigate these internal challenges, aiming to foster a successful and fulfilling career. Recognizing impostor syndrome as a non-factual thought process, she encourages mindfulness to gain control over such thoughts, likening them to transient clouds in the sky.

Hospitals Witness 105% Turnover in Past 5 Years, Where Did We Go Wrong? | March 7, 2024

New York Wire

Dr. Gazelle underscores this crisis through her work on burnout and her book, “Mindful MD: 6 Ways Mindfulness Restores Your Autonomy and Cures Healthcare Burnout.” Her insights into the causes and solutions for this turnover crisis emphasize the importance of valuing and supporting healthcare workers beyond traditional measures.

How to Deal with Digital Overload | March 5, 2024

CBS News Detroit, The Bharat Express-News, CBS News Detroit

Dr. Gazelle provides valuable insights on dealing with digital overload during an interview with CBS News Detroit. Highlighting the significant increase in phone usage, which surged by over 50% within a year, Dr. Gazelle emphasizes the need to understand the negative impacts of excessive digital consumption.

Has It Really Been Four Years Since The Pandemic? Healthcare Professionals Still Struggle With Trauma | February 29, 2024

US Reporter

Dr. Gazelle highlights the ongoing struggle of doctors feeling abandoned post-pandemic. While society moves forward, the emotional and mental scars remain, underscoring the need for healing and support not just for healthcare providers but for everyone affected.

Dr. Gazelle: 6 Mindfulness Tips to Restore Autonomy & Cure Burnout. | February 28, 2024

UR Caring Docs

Dr. Gazelle shares her personal experiences and insights into overcoming burnout through mindfulness practices, emphasizing the autonomy and control individuals can have over their thoughts and reactions.

Dr. Gail Gazelle podcast interview | February 23, 2024

My Conscious Coaching Group

Dr. Gazelle emphasizes the transformative power of the “purposeful pause,” a simple yet potent technique for self-regulation and gaining autonomy over one’s state of being. Highlighting its empowering effect, particularly for healthcare professionals, Gazelle advocates for pragmatic approaches to mindfulness that can be seamlessly integrated into daily routines.

Tips On How To Overcome Fear-Based Health Anxiety, Medical Expert Explains | February 22, 2024

Portland News

Dr. Gazelle offers advice on overcoming fear-based health anxiety in her book, “Mindful MD: 6 Ways Mindfulness Restores Your Autonomy and Cures Healthcare Burnout.” She highlights the importance of recognizing health anxiety as a response to the unpredictability of life, especially during the pandemic.

Insurance Companies Practicing Medicine without a License? | February 20, 2024

StreetWise Journal

Dr. Gazelle discusses the significant challenges physicians face due to the actions of insurance companies, highlighting how these entities often second-guess medical judgment and impose obstacles that delay essential tests and treatments, compromising patient care.

How Medical Professionals Can Balance Life, Family, and Their Practice | February 13, 2024

Healthy New Age

Dr. Gazelle discusses the heightened issue of healthcare burnout amid the pandemic, stressing the importance of mindfulness and self-care strategies. She emphasizes the need to prioritize both patient care and personal well-being through these practices.


How The Great Resignation of 2022 has affected healthcare services in the US | February 4, 2024


Dr. Gazelle highlights the Great Resignation’s toll on healthcare, citing a 20% workforce decline, with burnout and low pay as key factors. She proposes solutions like better compensation and remote work options to retain staff.

Facing Burnout as a Trainee Doctor: What’s Next? | January 27, 2024

Ehab Badran

In the discourse, burnout among trainee doctors is tackled, with Dr. Gazelle stressing proactive measures, including maintaining balance, prioritizing self-care, and fostering diverse interests for resilience during medical training.

How to Combat Impostor Syndrome in 2024 | January 26, 2024

Yahoo! Finance, Ground News, Yahoo! France, Yahoo! News, The Chronicle and Fox 5 DC

In her discussion, Dr. Gazelle provides guidance on addressing impostor syndrome, highlighting the need to confront self-doubt, find mentors, and accept vulnerability. She stresses the critical role of self-compassion and changing negative thought patterns in this process.

Overcoming Burnout and Imposter Syndrome | January 26, 202


Dr. Gazelle emphasizes the importance of overcoming burnout and imposter syndrome through a comprehensive strategy that involves recognizing symptoms, setting boundaries, seeking support, and reframing negative thoughts.

“Fixing” Your Medical Mindset with Dr. Gail Gazelle | January 21, 2024

 Physician’s Guide to Doctoring

Dr. Gazelle discusses the barriers faced by people with disabilities in accessing public transportation, advocating for greater inclusivity and policy changes to ensure equal access for all individuals.

Understanding Impostor Syndrome | January 20, 2024

Fox 5 DC

Dr. Gazelle addresses the impact of imposter syndrome among healthcare professionals, highlighting its prevalence and the importance of overcoming it for better well-being and job effectiveness. 

High Cost of Stress | January 17, 2024

Irish Dentistry Magazine

Dr.Gazelle highlights practical ways to mitigate brain deterioration by managing stress, emphasizing that chronic stress not only impairs cognitive and physical health but also significantly alters brain function and anatomy, leading to a wide range of health issues including burnout, heart disease, and mental disorders.

Three Mindfulness Tips to Help Healthcare Workers Manage Grief After the Holidays | January 15, 2024

Entertenimiento, FilmDaily

In this piece, Dr. Gazelle discusses the challenges healthcare workers face in managing grief and trauma, especially after the holiday season.

2023 | 22 Media & Press Interviews

Why The Modern Day Superhero Is Burning Out In Their Origin Story | December 21, 2023

News Website, Blogarama

Dr. Gazelle delves into the challenges healthcare professionals encounter, shedding light on the need for support and resilience in their demanding roles.

Taking a Critical Look at Physician Self-Care and Time Off | December 21, 2023

Small Business Sense

Examine the important issue of physician self-care and time off, as Dr. Gail Gazelle provides a critical perspective on the challenges healthcare professionals face in taking care of themselves amidst demanding schedules.

Are We Burning Out Our Doctors During Childhood? | December 21, 2023

Small Business Sense

Dr. Gazelle is asked to explore the potential impact on the well-being of future healthcare professionals as they navigate the challenges of growing up as the bright academic stars many were.

Mindfulness, Burnout, and Imposter Syndrome: A Conversation With Gail Gazelle, MD | December 19, 2023

Tori Whitacre Martonicz

Engage in a conversation with Dr. Gazelle, as she sheds light on mindfulness, burnout, and imposter syndrome, offering practical insights for navigating these challenges in the medical profession.

Pandemics, Physicians, and PTSD: How is our Healthcare System Protecting our Caregivers? | December 14, 2023

Harcourt Health

In this interview, Dr. Gazelle delves into the impact of pandemics on physicians and the potential for PTSD, questioning how our healthcare system is safeguarding the well-being of these caregivers in challenging times.

The Resilient Minimalist: Harvard Mindfulness Expert, Dr. Gail Gazelle | December 9, 2023

Enough-ism Podcast

In this podcast, Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about mindfulness and how it simplifies well-being, offering practical insights for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Doctor shares tips to cope with holiday grief | December 01, 2023

Action News 5

In times of holiday grief, Dr. Gazelle shares helpful tips to navigate emotions, providing practical support for those facing challenges during the festive season.

Who cares for the care providers? Gail Gazelle, MD, talks about physician burnout, mental health, and mindfulness on Apple Podcasts | November 30, 2023

Definitively Speaking

Addressing a crucial question—Who cares for the care providers? Dr. Gazelle, discusses physician burnout, mental health, and the role of mindfulness in a compelling conversation available on Apple Podcasts.

Physicians Carry the Weight of the Pandemic Amid New Variant Concerns | November 30, 2023

Before It’s News

Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about how physicians bear the burden of the pandemic as concerns rise about new variants, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by healthcare professionals in navigating the evolving landscape of COVID-19.

The Epidemic Behind Maryland’s Emergency Room Delays | November 8, 2023


Dr. Gazelle comments about how Maryland’s emergency room delays are fueled by an underlying epidemic, shedding light on challenges impacting timely medical care in the state.

A Recent Crisis in US Healthcare - 75,000 Healthcare Workers Strike | October 27, 2023

Healthnewage Wellness Magazine

Dr. Gazelle was interviewed about the recent crisis in US healthcare involving 75,000 healthcare workers on strike, which has raised concerns regarding the impact on medical services and patient care.

Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC, discusses three mindfulness and well-being steps physicians can take to thrive | October 9, 2023

AMA Twitter

Dr. Gazelle provides three simple mindfulness and well-being steps that physicians can take to thrive in their demanding roles.

Dr. Gail Gazelle on How to Be a “Mindful MD” | August 31, 2023

WAMC Northeast Public Radio

Listen to Dr. Gazelle as she shares wisdom on being a “Mindful MD,” offering straightforward advice for doctors looking to bring mindfulness into their professional lives.

Mindfulness & Self-Nourishment: Keys to Sustainable Clinical Medicine | August 28, 2023

Sustainable Clinical Medicine – The Charting Coach Youtube

Discover the keys to sustainable clinical medicine with Dr. Gazelle as she highlights the importance of mindfulness and self-nourishment. Gain simple insights for a healthier approach to medical practice.

"Mindful MD," a book by Gail Gazelle, MD | August 20, 2023

Andrew Wilner, MD, Author

In this podcast, Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about her new book, Mindful MD, filled with simple insights to help doctors avoid burnout and thrive in their demanding roles.

Physician's Compass: Pragmatic Mindfulness for Authentic Well-being with Dr. Gail Gazelle | August 16, 2023

The Worthy Physician Youtube

Dr. Gazelle was interviewed about her role in guiding through the realm of authentic well-being, highlighting her introduction of pragmatic mindfulness techniques in the Physician’s Compass, and providing practical insights for physicians in pursuit of true balance and fulfilment.

Practicing Mindfulness w/ Dr. Gail Gazelle | August 9, 2023

All In Health and Wellness Youtube

Explore the transformative practice of mindfulness with Dr. Gazelle, gaining practical insights into incorporating this powerful tool into your daily life for enhanced well-being.

6 Mindfulness Practices to Restore Autonomy Guest: Dr. Gail Gazelle, MCC | August 2, 2023

Star Coaches

Dr. Gazelle is a guest on this top podcast for coaches as she shares her six mindfulness practices aimed at restoring autonomy, offering practical insights for a healthier and more balanced life.

The Doctor's Art: Resilience Against Burnout (with Dr. Gail Gazelle) | July 25, 2023

The Doctor’s Art 

In this episode Dr. Gazelle discusses the art of resilience against burnout, offering valuable insights for healthcare professionals seeking to maintain well-being in their demanding roles.

How To Build Resilience As Burned-Out Healthcare Providers - With Dr. Gail Gazelle | July 20, 2023

The Therapy Chat Podcast

Discover how to build resilience as burned-out healthcare providers with Dr. Gazelle, who provides practical insights and strategies for navigating challenges in the medical field.

Burnout Resiliency In Healthcare With Dr. Gail Gazelle | July 14, 2023

Player FM

Learn about burnout resiliency in healthcare as Dr. Gazelle shares valuable insights, offering practical strategies for professionals in the field.

Mastering mindfulness: Restoring autonomy and curing burnout for physicians | July 14, 2023

Kevin MD

Dr. Gazelle highlights strategies to prevent physician burnout, emphasizing the power of mindfulness. Gain insights into restoring autonomy and curing burnout directly from Dr. Gazelle.

Interview: How mindfulness could help against burnout in the healthcare field | July 9, 2023


In this interview, discover the potential of mindfulness as a tool to combat burnout in the healthcare sector, as explained by Dr. Gazelle. Gain valuable insights into practical strategies for fostering well-being among healthcare professionals.

Harnessing Mindfulness: An Antidote to Healthcare Burnout | July 9, 2023

NewsBreak Original

Explore the power of mindfulness as a remedy for healthcare burnout in this insightful conversation with Dr. Gazelle, where she shares practical approaches to fostering well-being in the medical field.

Interview with Gail Gazelle MD, internist, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, coach & counselor to physicians suffering from "burnout" & recent author of Mindful MD | July 7, 2023

World Affairs Monthly

This article introduces Dr. Gazelle, as she discusses her role as a coach and counselor to physicians grappling with burnout, and explores her insights as the author of the newly released book, Mindful MD

Dr Gail Gazelle tells us how to prevent physician burnout | July 5, 2023

iHeart Podcast

In this podcast, Dr. Gazelle provides essential insights on preventing physician burnout, delivering practical advice for a healthier and more sustainable medical profession.

Dr. Gail Gazelle tells us how to prevent physician burnout | Jun 27, 2023

Alabama’s Morning News

Dr. Gazelle offers several strategies to prevent physician burnout, drawing from her extensive experience in coaching healthcare professionals.

Life Since COVID; Chronicles of a Physician | Jun 27, 2023

The Dallas Examiner

Dr. Gazelle highlights the severe effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on physicians, stressing the necessity of self-care and advocating for coaching as a non-stigmatizing alternative to support mental health and work-life balance.

Three Simple STEPS for Diagnosing Your Own Mental Patterns | Jun 27, 2023

AMA Steps Forward

In this podcast, Dr. Gazelle discusses three mindfulness and well-being steps physicians can take to thrive.

The Rise of the Part-Time Doctor | Jun 6, 2023

Wall Street Journal

Dr. Gazelle is quoted regarding the growing trend of physicians turning to locum work and some of the challenges to patient care this may create.

Unlocking physician resilience: the mindfulness cure for health care burnout | Jun 19, 2023

Kevin MD, Rama on Healthcare

Dr. Gazelle mentions the importance of mindfulness in managing healthcare burnout and highlights how medical education often overlooks teaching self-awareness and mind management.

Mindfulness Creates Autonomy | Jun 5, 2023

Mindful Healers podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle discusses the many ways she has seen mindful awareness and action restore autonomy.

Doctors turning to temp work, but is it good for patients? | Jun 9, 2023

Fox 21 News

In this online article, Dr. Gazelle comments on the challenges associated with the increasing use of locum tenens (temporary physicians) in healthcare.


(Article syndicated to over 35 TV stations)

Mindful MD. How Your Doctor Can Avoid Burnout | May 26, 2023

Late Night Health

On this radio show, Dr. Gazelle was interviewed regarding her expertise in avoiding healthcare burnout.

Burnout in Healthcare | Jun 1, 2023

HR Future

In this UK article, Dr. Gazelle discusses the ways corporations can support physicians in avoiding burnout.

3 Practical Strategies to Decrease Overwhelm | Apr 18, 2023

Psychiatric Times

Dr. Gazelle provides three practical and powerful strategies that clinicians can use to decrease overwhelm and stay grounded, steady, productive, and fulfilled.

Interview with Gail Gazelle, MD | May 29, 2023

My Conscious Coaching podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle discusses her new book, Mindful MD, and shares her six ways that mindfulness restores autonomy and cures healthcare burnout.

Mindfulness, Your Patients, and You | Apr 2, 2023

Physician Practice

Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about the ways mindfulness restores physician autonomy and reduces burnout.

KRWG News | May 2, 2023

KRWG Interview

On this tv news show, Dr. Gazelle was interviewed about how the Great Resignation has contributed to physician understaffing.

How 4 Health Systems are Tackling the Employee Mental Health Crisis | Mar 23, 2023

Advisory Board

In this important article, Dr. Gazelle comments about how the pandemic has accelerated levels of burnout.

The Great Resignation in Healthcare | Mar 23, 2023


Dr. Gazelle discusses how pressures on healthcare workers have been mounting for years and the pandemic simply worsened the trend, contributing to The Great Resignation in healthcare.

Medical expert warns of healthcare burnout as pandemic enters third year | Mar 14, 2023

Spectrum News 1

In this syndicated TV interview, Dr. Gazelle discusses signs of healthcare burnout that coworkers or family members need to take notice of.

Physicians in crisis: the battle for autonomy and happiness in a broken system | Mar 9, 2023


Dr. Gazelle outlines her belief that physicians do not have to hand over their autonomy and career satisfaction to a broken healthcare system.

Healthcare workers are burned out. But who heals the healers? | Feb 28, 2023

All Things Considered, WGBH

In this 10-minute, NPR affiliate interview, Dr. Gazelle speaks with Arun Rath, helping listeners understand that healthcare workers are struggling to stay afloat given the dysfunctions in the American healthcare system.

Tips to Battle Burnout | Feb 23, 2023

Living Local 15

In this TV spot, Dr. Gazelle provides tips and practical strategies so that everyone working in healthcare can avoid burnout.

Those Who Serve | Feb 21, 2023

Future of Service podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle talks about the absolute importance of caring for physicians, so that they can continue to do the important work that they do each and every day.

Mindful Selfishness: How can Business Leaders Avoid Burnout as the Recession Hits? | Feb 13, 2023

Business Leader

Dr. Gazelle provides a short educational video that includes 5 practical tips physicians can employ to prevent burnout.

2022 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

5 Tips to Prevent Physician Burnout | Mar 1, 2022

Psychiatric Times

Dr. Gazelle provides a short educational video that includes 5 practical tips physicians can employ to prevent burnout.

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome | Feb 24, 2022

National Public Radio

Dr. Gazelle is invited to this NPR talk show interview to share her expertise on vanquishing the Imposter Syndrome.

Doctor’s Coach on Mental Health: ‘The pandemic has made us stop and reflect’ | Feb 10, 2022


In this interview, Dr. Gazelle speaks about how the pandemic has pushed healthcare providers to focus on their own well-being and mental health, as well as that of the patients they care for.

National Women Physician’s Day | Feb 2, 2022

WTTA-TV: Bloom

In this high profile TV interview, Dr. Gazelle is asked to explain why it is important to have more female physicians in healthcare.

How the Great Resignation is Impacting Healthcare | Jan 31, 2022

PHL-17 Morning News

In this interview, Dr. Gazelle speaks about the toll attrition is taking on all of healthcare and outlines a number of strategies leadership can take to help healthcare’s frontline workers.

Women Physicians Day – The Importance of Representation In the Medical Field | Jan 26, 2022

West Wales Chronicle

In this piece, Dr. Gazelle discusses the unique strengths women physicians bring to their patients, their focus on the relationship, and their loyalty to meeting their patients’ needs.

5 Tips to Avoid Burnout in 2022 | Jan 24, 2022


In this top media interview, Dr. Gazelle speaks about the toll attrition is taking on all of healthcare and outlines a number of strategies to help healthcare workers.

The Great Resignation | Jan 13, 2022

Fox DC

In this top media interview, Dr. Gazelle speaks about the toll attrition is taking on all of healthcare and outlines a number of strategies to help healthcare workers.

2021 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

Getting the Raise You’re Worth | Sep 5, 2021

Skills and Strategies,

Dr. Gazelle is quoted regarding strategies to get a raise. She stresses the importance of getting clear about your worth and putting aside self-doubt.

Strategies for Reclaiming Your Power From the Electronic Record | Aug 26, 2021

Ending Physician Burnout World Summit

Participating with Arianna Huffington and many other illustrious speakers, Dr. Gazelle shares powerful strategies to reclaim power from the electronic record.

We Belong: Imposter Syndrome and How to Remedy It | Aug 10, 2021

Endocrine News

Dr. Gazelle’s expertise on curing the Imposter Syndrome is drawn upon. Dr. Gazelle shares powerful insights and tips that every clinician can use to move beyond this self-defeating and unproductive thought process.

How to stop burnout | Aug 3, 2021

Mindful Mama podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle talks about the problem of physician burnout, defines what resilience really is, and provides practical tips to help everyone cultivate greater resilience.

3 mistakes physicians make that triple charting time | Jul 19, 2021


In this guest blog, Dr. Gazelle shares the insights she’s gained from helping hundreds of physicians improve their charting efficiency. She sheds light on 3 often-overlooked sources of charting inefficiency and provides strategies to overcome them.

Thought Leaders: building resilience to succeed and thrive | May 5, 2021

OpenSAP Invites – Thought Leaders Series

Dr. Gazelle is brought on to the podcast as a subject-matter expert in the field of resilience and growth. She shares the importance of a growth mindset, the keys to developing emotional intelligence, and how a strengths-based approach can help us build confidence and overcome self-doubt.

Building Resilience in Medicine | Apr 7, 2021

The Journey to Medicine Podcast

In this foundational interview, Dr. Gazelle tells her story and talks about the childhood and life experiences that led her to dedicate her career to combatting physician burnout. She provides listeners a tangible process to move from burnout to resilience and shares the strategies that she uses with clients that have helped hundreds of physicians get their lives back.

The hidden reason you struggle with your charts and what you can do about it | Jan 20, 2021

Kevin MD

In this guest blog, Dr. Gazelle discusses the role that the Inner Critic plays in keeping physicians stuck in inefficiency in getting their patient charting done. She presents data on the role of self-compassion in decreasing procrastination and promoting both efficiency and well-being.

Building resilience: helping workers handle stress for the long haul | Jan 12, 2021


In this article about what workers need to thrive during the pandemic, Dr. Gazelle provides practical strategies for building resilience during this challenging time.

2020 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

Helping physicians beat burnout and thrive with coaching | Dec 1, 2020

Star Coach Show Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle is interviewed as a pioneer and leader in physician coaching and shares many strategies coaches can utilize to help physicians manage burnout.

Healing the healer | Nov 13, 2020

Resilience Breakthrough Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle talks about physician burnout and shares her personal resilience story of healing from childhood abuse and neglect.

Imposter syndrome and either/or thinking | Nov 2, 2020

Stimulus Podcast

In this podcast episode with emergency physician Rob Orman, Dr. Gazelle provides practical strategies to build resilience, avoid physician burnout, and vanquish the Imposter Syndrome.

How the pandemic changed everything for business | Oct 30, 2020

The Forecast

In this article about how the pandemic has changed so much, Dr. Gazelle gives practical tips on building resilience during this challenging time.

Overcoming imposter syndrome | Oct 9, 2020

The Prosperous Doc Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle provides practical strategies for physicians to vanquish the Imposter Syndrome and avoid physician burnout.

The inner bully and the burden of charting: A dose of self-compassion may be the best medicine | Oct 1, 2020

Harvard Medical School Primary Care blog

In this guest blog, Dr. Gazelle discusses the critical importance of utilizing self-compassion to work with our inner critic. She provides specific guidance on how doing so reduces procrastination improves efficiency.

Everyday Resilience With Dr.Gazelle | Sep 28, 2020

Radical Resilience Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about her new book Everyday Resilience, and shares her belief that resilience is a deep well of resources that resides within all of us.

Uncover your true self | Sep 3, 2020

Heroic Minds Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about her personal resilience journey from childhood abuse to thriving in her professional and personal life.

3 Steps to Building Resilience | Sep 3, 2020

In this article, Dr. Gazelle shares strategies to weather the difficulties brought by the pandemic and draw from the inner well of resilience that resides within each of us.

Can you buffer against burnout? | Aug 27, 2020

Making Positive Psychology Work Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle speaks about resilience and how physicians can build theirs, and avoid physician burnout.

Everyday Resilience | Aug 27, 2020

Small Changes Big Shifts Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle discusses how we can build our resilience to the stresses of Covid and well beyond.

A Harvard professor explains resilience | Aug 8, 2020

Enough-ism Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle shares her view that resilience is something that everyone has deep within, and provides tools to help people access theirs. She also discusses her own journey from childhood abuse to a successful career and life of thriving.

The 7 habits of highly resilient physicians | Aug 2, 2020

KevinMD Blog

In this guest blog, Dr. Gazelle reviews her view that there are seven habits, thought patterns, and practices that distinguish those who can thrive despite pressure, and those who cannot. These seven are the difference between a fulfilling and purposeful career and burnout.

Flexibility is mandatory | Jul 16, 2020

A Mindful Moment Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about her new book, Everyday Resilience.

I don’t feel like a hero: Imposter syndrome and perfectionism during a pandemic | Jun 25, 2020

Harvard Medical School Lean Forward Blog

In this guest blog, Dr. Gazelle discusses the discomfort many healthcare providers experience being referred to as heroes as well as ways to overcome the sense of being an imposter the term can evoke.

Developing the next generation of physician leaders | Jun 19, 2020

Chief Learning Officer

In this article, Dr. Gazelle is quoted regarding the high incidence of the Imposter Syndrome in leaders and how erosive it is to their resilience.

The key to improving physician wellness and fulfillment | Jun 1, 2020

Outcomes Rocket Podcast

In this podcast session, Dr. Gazelle provides an overview of mindfulness and how important it is for wellness for physicians and for everyone in healthcare.

Mindfulness and compassion in the time of COVID-19 | May 1, 2020


Understanding the burdens healthcare providers are carrying in the pandemic, Dr. Gazelle provides meditations and short talks through the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Mindfulness in medicine: What physicians need to know | Jan 14, 2020

American College of Physicians Leadership Academy Webinar

In this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Gazelle provides an overview of mindfulness and
how readily accessible mindfulness strategies can help prevent healthcare burnout.

2015 – 201950 Media & Press Interviews

How overcoming the imposter syndrome decreases physician burnout | Dec 6, 2019

Beckers Hospital

Dr. Gazelle discusses the role of Imposter Syndrome as a driver of physician burnout and strategies to manage it.

Imposter syndrome, physician burnout, and mindfulness | Oct 18, 2019

Harvard Institute of Coaching CoachX

In this TED-style talk, Dr. Gazelle shows how physicians often feel like an imposter, how this fuels physician burnout, and how mindfulness can help.

Beyond calm: The essential mindfulness toolkit for coaches | Sep 20, 2019

Harvard Institute of Coaching Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Gazelle educates coaches about evidence-based mindfulness approaches in coaching.

WEBINAR TRANSCRIPT: The First 2-minutes

My name is Susan Koger and on behalf of the American College of Physicians I’d like to welcome and thank all of you for participating in today’s ACP Leadership Academy webinar mindfulness and Madison what positions need to know.

Dr Gail Gazelle is a Master Certified coach and part-time assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School over the past decade. Dr. Gazelle has coach more than 500 Physicians and physician leaders, she’s a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, and regularly leads wellness retreats for healthcare providers. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Gazelle and thank all of you for joining us today. 

Throughout the webinar you may submit your questions by typing them into the Q and A Box on the lower right-hand corner of your screen all questions will be answered at the end of the webinar and now I’d like to turn things over to Dr. Gazelle.

What can mindfulness offer to you and your patients? | Feb 20, 2019

Medical Economics

Along with mindfulness in medicine leaders Tony Back and Mick Krasner, Dr. Gazelle is quoted regarding the ways mindfulness helps physicians build resilience and avoid burnout.

Restoring the joy in medical practice | Aug 1, 2018

Medical Economics

Amongst other physician burnout experts, Dr. Gazelle shares expertise from the over 400 physicians she’s coach.

Mindful medical practice | Jun 5, 2018

MedPEP, The Medical Professionals Empowerment Program

In this brief podcast, Dr. Gazelle explains what mindfulness is, practical applications anyone can adopt immediately, and how doing so helps prevent physician burnout.

Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2018 | Dec 25, 2017

Medical Economics

Dr. Gazelle provides guidance about how technology and social media have contributed to decreased respect for the physician’s knowledge base.

The benefits of physician volunteering | Jul 15, 2017

Medical Economics

Dr. Gazelle discusses how volunteering contributes to a sense of professional meaning and fulfillment.

How to respond to physician burnout in a colleague | Jun 25, 2017

Kevin MD

Dr. Gazelle provides guidance on the critical issue of helping a colleague who is struggling with physician burnout.

Building your resilient self® | Jan 25, 2017

American College of Physicians Leadership Academy webinar.

In this hands-on 1-hour webinar, Dr. Gazelle was a featured expert on practical strategies to build resilience in physicians and physician executives.

WEBINAR TRANSCRIPT: The first 2-minutes

During the presentation will ask that you hold your questions until the end you may submit your question I typing and into them into the Q & A box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You may also use this box should doctor Gazelle for that any questions for audience participation.

Our speaker this evening will be dr. Gail gazelle. Dr. Gazelle is a part-time assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate scientist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospita, she’s word certified in Internal Medicine hospice and palliative care.

After working in the field of end-of-life care for most of her professional career Dr. Gazelle shifted her focus to physicians in the modern American health-care system. She coaches individual physicians across the United States such as burnout, building resilience, leadership development, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and teamwork.

She developed and teaches a resilient cirriculum to all Internal Medicine resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Gazelle is the author of Building your resilience self. 52 tips to move from burnout to balance and now I’d like to turn things over to Dr. Gazelle..

Tackling burnout in physicians: | Jul 11, 2016

How coaching can help

Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching webinar
Dr. Gazelle was a featured expert on burnout in physicians and physician executives.

YOU TUBE TRANSCRIPT: ( The first 2-minutes)

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    a warm welcome to all and a happy summer I hope wherever you are that it’s as
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    beautiful it is for Gale and me in Massachusetts today we are having
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    glorious summer and even that Gale it’s given that we’re talking about burnout it’s kind of interesting to have this
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    juxtaposition with the beautiful summer and the idea that one could be burned
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    out to say a few things about Gale and
  • 0:29
    I’m not going to go through the formal bio because you could all read that and I wanted to share a few things that Gale
  • 0:36
    shared with me which I think tell you something about both depth of character
  • 0:42
    and commitment people who are struggling so Gale a volunteer at hospice when she
  • 0:49
    was an undergrad and that’s not typical for for someone in their one late teens
  • 0:55
    and 20s scale yes to people who are dying when you are at a stage of life
  • 1:02
    when you’re barely just getting into the world and went to medical school in order to work in the hospital built has
  • 1:11
    been dedicated to vulnerable populations ever since for all of our medical career
  • 1:18
    and got interested in the caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s which is
  • 1:24
    extremely difficult all to play and we wrote a book 400 health complications
  • 1:30
    it’s called mindfulness support for Alzheimer’s caregivers and then more
  • 1:35
    recently has suited to help physicians because I guess scaling your time as a
  • 1:40
    doctor well they’re not in hospice and they don’t have Alzheimer’s
  • 1:47
    struggling in a way that wasn’t the case decade is it go and so Gail’s been
  • 1:53
    writing about resilience she’s got a free book called building restore himself and it’s now dedicated to
  • 2:00
    working with physicians to deal with this growing concern with position
  • 2:05
    burnout and wrote one of the first papers on this topic and you know now

Surviving the transition from independent physician to employed | Jul 11, 2016

Medical Economics

Dr. Gazelle was a featured expert on the transition from independent physician to employed.

How to avoid the corrosive effects of physician burnout | Apr 20, 2016

Medical Economics

Dr. Gazelle speaks about the perfect storm for the current epidemic of physician burnout: medical training that focuses on deficits and not on strengths, the EMR and many other burdensome additions to their workday, and the minimal training physicians receive how to cope with stress.

Mindfulness matters | May 20, 2015

Physician Leadership Journal

Dr. Gazelle’s is featured in physician leadership journal article highlighting the importance of mindfulness for physician leaders.

Physician burnout: Coaching a way out | Apr 20, 2015

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Dr. Gazelle and co-authors Dr. Liebschutz and Dr. Helen Riess use a case example to illustrate the value of physician coaching in reducing physician burnout.

Harvard medical institutions risk management foundation | Jan 6, 2015

Massachusetts Medical Society’s Physician Health Service

Listen to this interview of Dr. Gazelle and Dr. Adelman of the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Physician Health Service to learn more about the role of physician coaching in managing burnout and disruptive behaviors.

2011 – 2014 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

Harvard Institute of coaching podcast: From burnout to resilience: coaching physicians and physician leaders with positive psychology | Jun 30, 2014

Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching

Dr. Gazelle was a featured expert on burnout in physicians and physician executives. She speaks about the use of positive psychology coaching to address physician burnout.

Strength-based coaching: a path to increased life and career fulfillment | May 29, 2013

Vital Signs

Dr. Gazelle educates physicians about how to apply their strengths to manage the challenges that are increasing in the practice of medicine.

Doctor advocate and coach: Helping patients and doctors | May 29, 2013


Listen to the interview of Dr. Gazelle on BlogTalkRadio. Scroll past the first 2 minutes to hear her speak about her trajectory from hospice volunteer to hospice physician to patient advocate and physician coach, and her views on what can be done to address he epidemic of physician burnout.

Hospice: Why family members wait too long to call | Aug 30, 2012

In an article about the factors that keep people from accessing hospice, Dr. Gazelle is quoted about the need to educate physicians about how to discuss options when there is no cure. She also acknowledges the vital role that caregivers play in these discussions, “It is critical that families feel empowered to name the truth and not wait for the physician to initiate the discussion,” she says.

5 ways to get cheaper medical care | Aug 11, 2011

In today’s economy, getting healthcare is even more difficult than in the past. In this article about what to do if you lose health insurance, Dr. Gazelle comments on ways to work with your doctor to lower their fee.

No resolution as the battle grows between Pittsburgh’s leading providers | Jul 3, 2011

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

In this article about for-profit hospitals, Dr. Gazelle comments on the risks of hospitals being owned by insurance companies. “The financial incentives have been completely skewed over the years. Changing those incentives is a positive thing, but experts have to watch that they do not go so far in the other direction that patients are denied care when they need it.”

Physician recertification adding to early retirement? | Jun 10, 2011

AMA News

In response to a journalist querying physicians about the impact of board recertification on career decisions, Dr. Gazelle expresses her view that the boards focus too much on rare diseases never seen by generalists and not on the basic knowledge every internist needs for practice.

2005 – 2010 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

Someone on your side | Aug 10, 2010

O, Oprah Magazine

This article explains the usefulness of patient advocacy, the various ways a patient advocate can help a caregiver or person with an illness, and how to find the right patient advocate for you. MD Can Help is one of the featured patient advocacy practices.

You’ve got cancer. Now what? | May 13, 2010

Coping Magazine

Dr. Gazelle shares tips on how to cope if you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer.

Participatory medicine: A high-tech alliance with patients | Jan 18, 2010

AMA News

Participatory medicine is a new “buzz word” for a type of patient advocacy. In this article, Dr. Gazelle notes “presenting information in a conversational way, as opposed to a way that portrays the physician as the boss, can make for more productive interactions. When given all the facts, patients and doctors usually reach a well-informed, mutual decision. Technology is just one way in which patients can become engaged in their care. Physicians can engage patients simply by changing the way they talk to patients.”

Survey finds doctors and nurses still behaving badly | Nov 20, 2009

In an article about physicians not treating nurses as equals, Dr. Gazelle was quoted: “Much of this stems from the different ways doctors and nurses are trained. Doctors are taught from the beginning that they are the head of the team, that they are better than nurses, that the skill set of nurses is inferior to their own. This leaves them feeling entitled to put down nurses and mistrust their judgment.” “Nurses need to feel empowered to take on the over-arching authority of physicians and see themselves as equal partners in the care of patients,” Gazelle added. “Some of this can be in the nursing curriculum and much is on-the-job. Obviously, for the latter, nurses need institutional backing for this to be successful and, fortunately, a number of initiatives have come to the fore.”

Alzheimer’s murder case a glimpse into ctresses of caretaking | Nov 8, 2009

ABC News / The Associated Press

In an article about the murder of an elderly man with Alzheimer’s, Dr. Gazelle speaks about how difficult it is for people caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia. “The demands on caregivers are almost unfathomable. The anger, guilt, and shame that caregivers experience is intense.”

A new approach to patient advocacy | Apr 14, 2009

Cambridge Chronicle

In a feature story about MD Can Help, six basic functions of Dr. Gazelle’s patient advocacy work are highlighted: “1) making sure you are treated well; 2) acting as a sounding board when new issues arise; 3) serving as a second pair of ears to take in information; 4) paying attention to details; 5) ensuring that errors are not made; and 6) seeing that things come out as well as they possibly can.”

Cancer medication errors still a problem | Mar 9, 2009

Oncology and Biotech News

In a story about the high incidence of errors in cancer therapy, Dr. Gazelle is quoted: “We’re used to patients being passive recipients of the care we provide. Until we empower them to partner with us to improve the quality of their care, efforts toward improving patient safety will have limited success.”

Fear a layoff? Don’t make these health care mistakes | Feb 5, 2009

In an article about what to do if you know you are soon to become unemployed, Dr. Gazelle proposes novel strategies such as bartering with your doctor and requesting a reduced fee.

Norwell VNA discusses new hospice program | Nov 18, 2008

Patriot Ledger

The addition of Dr. Gazelle to the staff of the new Norwell VNA hospice program is announced.

Brookline physician launches patient advocacy practice | Aug 20, 2008

Brookline TAB

Patient advocacy by MD Can Help is featured in a local venue. A former client writes: “Dr. Gazelle was truly the guide to get you there when you don’t know what to do,” said Barbara Leary, a Westford resident who turned to the doctor when her late husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. “She was our savior in many ways,” Leary said. “I don’t know how long it would have taken us to figure it all out on our own. We probably would have been too late.”

Empathy deficit disorder: Fact or fiction? | Jul 8, 2008

NPR-WOSU Newsroom

In this NPR radio interview, Dr. Gazelle is asked to comment on how to help people put themselves in someone else’s shoes. She notes the importance of empathy in all human relationship and the impact of lack of empathy on such societal problems as intolerance and prejudice.

Emergency rooms in crisis | Jul 3, 2008

For this website for Spanish-speaking Americans, Dr. Gazelle provides tips for getting the best possible ER care. She reviews the importance of always bringing someone along to advocate for you, making sure to carry a list of medications you are taking, and getting the names of anyone who provides care so you can be sure that an attending level physician is overseeing your care.

The website helps to balance doctor-patient relationship | Jun 26, 2008

Howard County Times

Asked to comment about how to improve communication between doctors and patients: “Patients need help and coaching to know what it is that doctors are trying to find out,” Gazelle said. “We need to enter into partnership.” She talks about the problem of medical schools providing a massive amount of medical knowledge but not teaching future physicians how to share this knowledge with patients.

Graying of gay America | Jun 2, 2008

In this article about health concerns of elderly gay men and lesbians, Dr. Gazelle notes that for the elderly, the “haves” and “have-nots” are separated not by money, but by whether they have someone in the next generation to advocate for them.

Be a better caregiver | May 13, 2008

Dr. Gazelle provides a number of practical tips on how to keep elders safe, from removing throw rugs to how to avoid heat stroke in hot weather.

Alzheimer’s and kids | Apr 25, 2008

In an educational article about how to help children cope with the changes brought on by Alzheimer’s, Dr. Gazelle provides expertise about how children perceive the world, and ways to help them understand the changes this tragic disease can cause.

On the side: Compassion fatigue | Feb 13, 2008

Breast Cancer Network of Strength

In this article about compassion fatigue, Dr. Gazelle notes that the demands of caring for a person going through cancer treatment can be so stressful that the caregiver may experience overwhelming emotions and fears. Without adequate support, many caregivers succumb to caregiver fatigue.

Half of Americans don’t get a second opinion | Feb 13, 2008


As appeared in Prevention, as well as WebMD and Even if you don’t take the second doctor’s opinion, simply knowing your options and thinking through the pros and cons can improve your care. Dr. Gazelle notes that you don’t have to have a serious condition to benefit from a second opinion.

Patient awareness is changing the healthcare landscape | Dec 17, 2007

Dr. Gazelle states that the best way for people to get good care is for the health care system to treat them as active partners in care, no longer the passive recipients of whatever the doctor or hospital thinks is best.

Help! I’m not feeling better | Dec 6, 2007

In a series about how to empower patients, Dr. Gazelle helps people understand that when having problems getting good care, they are not alone – that there are ailments that the modern medical profession still has no answer for, and that having one good doctor oversee a person’s care can make all the difference.

New option in hospice care opening here | Sep 27, 2007

The New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about the importance of hospice and the need for medical schools to provide more education on this important subject.

Understanding hospice – An underutilized option for life’s final chapter | Jul 26, 2007

The New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Gazelle was invited by one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world to write an article about how Hospice helps people with advanced illnesses and their loved ones.

End-of-life hospice care underused | Jul 25, 2007

HealthDay News

As appeared in Forbes, Business Week, and the Washington Post. “People need to understand that hospice is about living,” Gazelle said. “It’s about living as well as you can when life has dealt you a bad deck of cards. Having your dignity, your quality of life, as little physical and emotional suffering as possible — that’s what hospice can do for people.” “Hospice care is underutilized — only a third of Americans die under the care of hospice, and hospice care is free,” noted the author of one article, Dr. Gail Gazelle, assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School. “Far too often, patients end up in an ICU, rushed to the emergency room, and they end up dying there, when really they would much rather have died in their own home,” she added. “To know that their family is going to be attended to is critically important for people near the end of life,” said Gazelle, who is also president of the medical advocacy group MD Can Help.

Patients complain that doctors talk too much about themselves. First impressions make a difference… | Jul 23, 2007

American Medical News

Regarding an article about how doctors greet new patients, Dr. Gazelle is quoted: “The introductory phase sets the stage for what comes after that. Patients respond to cues from their doctors. If the doctor says, ‘Hello, it’s nice to see you,’ that sets a very different tone than a doctor rushing into a room with, ‘What’s going on?’

Doctors, patients give each other mixed reviews | Jan 29, 2007

American Medical News

This article discusses a Consumer Reports survey indicating that patients feel that they are left waiting too long and then the doctor doesn’t spend enough time with them. Dr. Gazelle: “Patients suffer from having low expectations of their doctors because they’re used to waiting and being treated as less important than the doctor…the doctor needs to always remember that the patient is a human being who should be treated with the same respect that the physician expects.”

When murder hits close to home | Jan 15, 2007

Oakland Tribune

Dr. Gazelle speaks about the unique type of grief people experience if a loved one is the victim of a murder.

Decisions about aging parents… | Dec 13, 2006

Associated Press

As appeared in USA Today and CBS News. In an article about how battles and rivalries often resurface when a parent’s health declines, Dr. Gazelle is quoted: “Gazelle advises siblings to stay focused on what their parent would want, and to remember that their relationships with siblings will endure long after their parents’ deaths.” She also notes that in some cultures, the parents may favor the eldest son. “No matter how bad the parent’s relationship has been with that son and how derelict he has been in his caregiving duties, he may be deferred to in decision-making in those families,” Gazelle said, “much to the chagrin of the daughters who’ve been giving care for years.”

Medical career prescriptions | Nov 12, 2006

MSN Encarta

Dr. Gazelle provides information about careers in hospice and palliative care.

Helping loved ones make key decisions while they still can | Nov 10, 2006

South Shore Senior News

Dr. Gazelle speaks about the importance of helping people with early Alzheimer’s make their wishes known while they can.

Quality of life: Lean on me. cancer patients find strength in numbers | Jul 10, 2006

RT Image

Dr. Gazelle discusses the importance of support groups for people coping with a diagnosis of cancer.

The art of saying no | May 1, 2006

American Medical News

In an effort to make sure patients get the care they need, Dr. Gazelle gives time management tips to doctors across the United States. “Saying no is not a skill that you get taught in medical school…demands are enormous and ever-increasing. To get through your day, you have to be able to say no firmly but kindly.” She encourages doctors to set an agenda with patients who have long lists of questions. “Setting an agenda offers guidelines in a way that doesn’t make the patient feel slighted,” she said. She encourages doctors to have the patient come back if they are running late and can’t address all the patient’s concerns in one visit.

Parents begin healing process after death of a child | Apr 15, 2006

Lodi News

Dr. Gazelle provides guidance to families grieving the loss of a child.

Your guide to the medical Maze | Oct 24, 2005

Business Week

In this article about health advocates, Dr. Gazelle is featured in her medical advocacy work for people with serious medical conditions.

End-of-life decisions | Oct 1, 2005

Humana’s Your Practice

In an effort to make sure people have their individual wishes respected, Dr. Gazelle speaks about the importance of advance care planning.

Baltimore firm provides patient advocacy services | Aug 14, 2005

Baltimore Sun

Dr. Gazelle’s affordable medical advocacy work is compared to work provided by firms charging $10,000 to $30,000 per year.

Prepare for end-of-life questions, experts say | Mar 14, 2005

Star-Gazette News

Noting how difficult it is for people to face their own mortality, Dr. Gazelle is quoted: “Loved ones need as much instruction as possible” about a person’s wishes for care near the end-of-life. She discusses the various types of documents that people can write to guide loved ones as they make key decisions.

2000 – 2004 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

The web: Patients heal themselves online | Aug 4, 2004

United Press International

In this article about the benefits and risks of going online for health information, Dr. Gazelle says “Patients are much better-informed health care consumers since the advent of websites,” but they need to be cautious as there is a lot of inaccurate information on the Web.

Media choice | May 13, 2004

Medical Marketing & Media

The media asks Dr. Gazelle to speak about her favorite medical journal.

Facing death while preserving life | Apr 6, 2004

CBS Market Watch

Dr. Gazelle speaks out about how financial incentives can affect the treatment decisions doctors make.

Doctors being trained to help terminally ill patients die comfortably | Nov 19, 2000


A CNN transcript from an interview with Dr. Gazelle.

1998 – 1998 | 50 Media & Press Interviews

The slow code | Feb 11, 1998

National Public Radio

Also in The New England Journal of Medicine. In an essay in The New England Journal of Medicine and featured on National Public Radio, Dr. Gazelle exposes a medical practice that is performed in secrecy, without patient consent, and that creates more harm than good.

Wisconsin public radio | Feb 1, 1998

Wisconsin Public Radio

Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about a recent study on end-of-life care.

Michigan public radio | Feb 1, 1998

Michigan Public Radio

Dr. Gazelle is interviewed about a recent study on end-of-life care.

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