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Over the past 2 decades, Dr. Gazelle has been featured in a wide variety of venues.

Dr. Gazelle has been featured in the following outlets:

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Building Resilience in Medicine

The Journey to Medicine Podcast

In this foundational interview, Dr. Gazelle tells her story and talks about the childhood and life experiences that led her to dedicate her career to combatting physician burnout. She provides listeners a tangible process to move from burnout to resilience and shares the strategies that she uses with clients that have helped hundreds of physicians get their lives back.

Building your resilient self®

American College of Physicians Leadership Academy webinar.

In this hands-on 1-hour webinar, Dr. Gazelle was a featured expert on practical strategies to build resilience in physicians and physician executives.

WEBINAR TRANSCRIPT: The first 2-minutes

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Our speaker this evening will be dr. Gail gazelle. Dr. Gazelle is a part-time assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate scientist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospita, she’s word certified in Internal Medicine hospice and palliative care.

After working in the field of end-of-life care for most of her professional career Dr. Gazelle shifted her focus to physicians in the modern American health-care system. She coaches individual physicians across the United States such as burnout, building resilience, leadership development, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and teamwork.

She developed and teaches a resilient cirriculum to all Internal Medicine resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Gazelle is the author of Building your resilience self. 52 tips to move from burnout to balance and now I’d like to turn things over to Dr. Gazelle..

No resolution as the battle grows between Pittsburgh’s leading providers

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

In this article about for-profit hospitals, Dr. Gazelle comments on the risks of hospitals being owned by insurance companies. “The financial incentives have been completely skewed over the years. Changing those incentives is a positive thing, but experts have to watch that they do not go so far in the other direction that patients are denied care when they need it.”

A new approach to patient advocacy

Cambridge Chronicle

In a feature story about MD Can Help, six basic functions of Dr. Gazelle’s patient advocacy work are highlighted: “1) making sure you are treated well; 2) acting as a sounding board when new issues arise; 3) serving as a second pair of ears to take in information; 4) paying attention to details; 5) ensuring that errors are not made; and 6) seeing that things come out as well as they possibly can.”

Cancer medication errors still a problem

Oncology and Biotech News

In a story about the high incidence of errors in cancer therapy, Dr. Gazelle is quoted: “We’re used to patients being passive recipients of the care we provide. Until we empower them to partner with us to improve the quality of their care, efforts toward improving patient safety will have limited success.”

Brookline physician launches patient advocacy practice

Brookline TAB

Patient advocacy by MD Can Help is featured in a local venue. A former client writes: “Dr. Gazelle was truly the guide to get you there when you don’t know what to do,” said Barbara Leary, a Westford resident who turned to the doctor when her late husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. “She was our savior in many ways,” Leary said. “I don’t know how long it would have taken us to figure it all out on our own. We probably would have been too late.”

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