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Associate Coach Dr. Suzi Aldwinckle, MBChB Certified Professional Coach

Suzi is a certified professional coach, yoga teacher, retired physician, mother, and international citizen. She practiced medicine in South Africa, Australia, and the UK.

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She worked as a general hospitalist in South Africa, practicing emergency medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics, and then as a resident anesthesiologist and intensivist in the UK and Australia.

When she and her husband moved to the US in 2006, she was pregnant with her first child. She committed to being a full-time parent as they navigated life and work with visa and green card restrictions.

Through coaching, she has overcome ingrained beliefs about what a career ‘should’ look like. In 2017, she became a certified yoga teacher, and two years later she earned her coaching certification through McLaren Coaching in Sacramento. Suzi lives in California, with her anesthesiologist husband and two teenage sons.

Suzi partners with clients to clarify their purpose and values and to support them in aligning their professional and personal lives accordingly. She knows that coaching enables clients to see more choices, empowering them to navigate challenges such as work pressure, clear communication, career transitions, and prioritizing self-care. She challenges self-limiting beliefs to support clients in taking committed action to bring about the changes, they need to live and work with intention and authenticity.

From Suzi

Suzi shares the following personal perspective:
“I understand what it takes to be a physician and the responsibilities and pressures that go with it. There is always more to learn. It is easy to feel like an impostor, or to believe that there is no option but to work harder and not take time for oneself, which can easily lead to burnout.

When I practiced medicine I did not have a coach. If I had, I would have had someone in my corner who would take a stand for what I said I wanted when perceived obstacles made me doubt that I wanted it after all. Someone to
challenge my negative thoughts when they seemed so reasonable and convincing; to show me that there were more options than I believed possible; who could support me through interviews, impostor phenomenon, career advancement and making time for self care. Someone who would hold me accountable for taking courageous action
towards my desired outcomes, especially when it seemed daunting. This is why now, as a coach myself, I am drawn to helping health professionals thrive.”

Associate Coach Debra Williams, MD, FACEP

Dr. Williams is a retired emergency physician after serving 15 years as the Medical Director of a high-volume Emergency Center in the Florida Panhandle.

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She is the former co-chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians well-being committee.

Dr. Williams has helped many physicians overcome charting inefficiency and is passionate about helping healthcare professionals navigate the rapidly changing, increasingly demanding landscape of their daily practice. Her coaching background includes in-depth training in neuroscience, positive intelligence, and heart math techniques.

Meeting with physician coaches helped define what that career transition looked like. Debra embarked on the adventure of coach training and certification in 2016, allowing her to live her values and achieve harmony in her life and career.

From Debra

Debra shares:
“I use a neuroscience base to collaborate with clients for their desired personal and professional transformations. I’m committed to working with clients, helping them identify their natural strengths and vision, and learning how to leverage that to reach their goals and find joy and meaning in their lives and careers. I provide a safe space for you to discuss your challenges, find your voice, honor your values, and express your truth. We will identify what is going well, even when the going is tough. On a personal level, I love the outdoors and the mindfulness it gives me.!”

Associate Coach Joe Sherman, MD, FAAP Board Certified Pediatrician and Master Certified Physician Development Coach

Dr. Joe Sherman helps healthcare professionals transform their relationship with the unrelenting demands of their jobs and discover a path toward meaning, professional fulfillment, and career longevity.

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He believes the key to personal and professional success lies in bringing “soul to role” in your medical practice.

Dr. Sherman is a pediatrician, coach, and consultant to physicians and healthcare organizations in the areas of cross-cultural medicine, leadership, and provider well-being. He is a facilitator with the Center for Courage and Renewal and a Master Certified Physician Development Coach with the Physician Coaching Institute.

Dr. Sherman has been in pediatric practice for over 35 years concentrating on healthcare delivery to underserved and medically complex children in the District of Columbia, Tacoma, Seattle, Uganda, and Bolivia. He has held numerous faculty positions and is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington.

From Joe

Joe shares:
“In 2009, after spending 4 years living and working in Bolivia with my family, I returned to the U.S. and my career as a pediatrician at an academic health center. I soon found the institutional, educational, and patient care demands placed upon me to be overwhelming. This eventually led to burnout and a temporary departure from clinical medicine.

After a year of reflection, discernment, and support from family and friends, I was able to identify my core values and integrate them into my future career decision-making. I returned to part-time pediatric practice while developing the skills to accompany other physicians, individually and in groups, to re-discover their passion for medicine.

Having experienced burnout, myself, I understand the day-to-day struggles health professionals face in trying to provide quality care to their patients while also dealing with the systemic dysfunction of healthcare institutions.

I provide a welcoming, confidential space for my clients to explore what brings them joy in their work as healthcare providers and how to integrate that into their daily lives and future career plans.

Associate Coach Les Schwab, MD

Les Schwab, MD is a primary care physician with 40 years of experience in medical practice and healthcare organizational leadership. He earned a B.A. in Biology from Harvard University and an MD from Stanford University. He received his Internal Medicine training at the Harvard teaching institution, Cambridge Hospital.

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Les served as the Chief Medical officer at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, a 600-physician multispecialty practice in eastern Massachusetts. In this role, he was responsible for clinical operations, quality and safety, practice design, leadership training, and building the quality of the physician workforce. For five years, Les served as Hospice Medical Director for the Parmenter Hospice in eastern Massachusetts.

Les attained coaching certification from the Gestalt International Study Center and provides coaching and consulting focused on performance improvement and leadership development.

As a coach, he facilitates the ability of physicians to develop their capacities for successful medical practice: resilience to cope with burnout stress, organization and teamwork for efficient practice, skills for collaborative collegial relationships, and strategies for career development. He provides a particular focus on developing relational skills for effective strategy deployment and performance management.

Les is a Harnisch Scholar at the Institute of Coaching in Boston, serving as the principal investigator for a randomized controlled study of a coaching intervention to reduce physician burnout, establishing the value of brief coaching to reduce burnout and increase physicians’ psychological well-being, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Les is the host of MedPEP – the Medical Professionals Empowerment Program, a 20-episode podcast providing multifold answers to the physician burnout problem, with each episode featuring an expert’s dialogue about a particular solution. The podcast offers free CME at

Les is a standing member of the faculty for Managing Workplace Conflict and a member of the Standing Committee of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for Lawyer Well-being.

Les lives in Newton, MA. He has 2 grown children, both in creative enterprises. For his leisure time, Les enjoys bicycling, gardening, drawing, and amateur astronomy.

From Les

“I’ve had a long and satisfying career as a physician and healthcare leader, and my aim has always been to make healthcare itself a healthy experience for its participants. In my clinical career that meant delivering an empathic and instructive patient experience; in my administrative roles, it meant building an organizational infrastructure and culture of clinician wellness and efficacy.

My ten-year career as a coach – for practicing physicians and physician leaders alike – has enabled me to take the most useful elements of those conversations and focus them to help my clients identify their purposes, articulate their goals, and find the voice to transact them. It’s a process of inquiry to see their world through their eyes and dialogue as a thought partner to find a way forward in measured and meaningful ways.

At no prior time in my professional life has there been such great pressure on physicians to accomplish their goals nor such great systemic difficulty obstructing them. Coaching, in contrast, is a way to develop personal resilience, focus on what could be attainable at work, and advocate for oneself to get there. It is a centering experience and one I’ve really enjoyed creating in partnering with my clients.”

Associate Coach Dina Markind, Professional Certified Coach M. S. Nursing and Certified Mentor Coach

Dina Markind is a coach for nursing professionals, nurse practitioners, and healthcare leaders. She earned her
initial coaching certification in 2011 from the Co-Active Training Institute, a premier coach training program.

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In 2015 she earned a certificate in Positive Psychology from the Whole-being Institute. Subsequently, she has earned certifications from a variety of other coaching programs.

Prior to becoming a coach, Dina worked as a clinical nurse for over 20 years. Dina holds a Master’s degree in Nursing from Pace University and a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University.

Nursing leaders who work with Dina develop strong communication and conflict management skills, clarity about their authentic leadership style, self-compassion, a clear vision for their leadership role, and the courage and a plan to pursue the vision.

Dina has worked with a variety of leaders helping them to tap into self-leadership in order to have a greater impact on their personal and professional lives.

Becoming a coach was a homecoming for Dina. She had always been interested in personal development.

After stepping away from nursing because of burnout in 2006 she hired a career coach with the thought of re-entering nursing in a different way. After several sessions, the coach suggested looking into becoming a health coach. Dina went to a top coaching program that offered opportunities to bring her nurturing style to people beyond issues related to health.

Dina’s initial focus as a coach and speaker was on burnout prevention and recovery. In In September 2016, she published Vital Signs of Well-Being which is available on Kindle. Prior to the pandemic, Dina was a speaker on topics related to well-being.

Dina supports leaders so they can regain passion and energy, tap into their strengths, and live meaningful and impactful lives. Since 2011, Dina has worked with a variety of people within and beyond healthcare. Dina has a wide variety of experiences with Life and Leadership coaching for mid-level leaders to Vice Presidents of organizations. Personal and professional development go hand in hand.

On a personal note, Dina has been happily married to a neurologist for over 30 years. They are the parents of 3 adults in their late 20s. Dina loves learning and has pursued varied knowledge related to coaching. Dina enjoys being with family, walks, yoga, and audiobooks.”

From Dina

“I work with people to develop self-compassion, clarity about what’s important to them, a vision of their preferred future, and the courage and a plan to pursue that vision. Having been a nurse and nurse practitioner, and being married to a physician, I am familiar with many of the pressures in health care. I have over a dozen years of working as a life and leadership coach with people who are individual contributors up to VPs in their organization. Several of the most impactful areas I work with people on are, perspective-shifting to help people see alternatives and get unstuck, and effective communication, especially for 1:1 and small group communication. Outside of coaching, I enjoy spending time with family, walking, and yoga. My newest hobby is learning ballroom and Latin dance.”

MD Can Help Coach Tiffany Spanier, MD Board Certified Pediatrician and Master Certified Physician Development Coach

Dr. Tiffany Spanier, MD supports healthcare professionals in embracing who they are, cultivating self-awareness, and leveraging their values and core strengths to progress toward their desired personal and professional identity. By creating space for and appreciating our uniqueness, she feels we can find joy and fulfillment even in the ordinary moments of life.

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She has been a coach for 4 years and has had the privilege of coaching physicians, nurse
practitioners, nurses, C-suite leaders, VPs, directors, and board members.

Dr. Tiffany Spanier is a pediatrician, part owner of a private practice, an executive physician coach, a certified mindfulness teacher, and has additional training in leading self-compassion for healthcare communities. She leads Maintenance of Certification projects at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Her combined experiences have helped her gain valuable insights to guide fellow healthcare professionals on their path to growth, development, and satisfaction. As Chairman of the Wellness Subcommittee in her organization, she collaborated with the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) to develop processes in her own organization to decrease physician burnout.

From Tiffany

“My own journey took a pivotal turn when I discovered the power of mindfulness in a seemingly ordinary setting. Through mindfulness practices, I found relief from stress, improved sleep, and a renewed sense of purpose. This revelation ignited my passion to share these invaluable skills with fellow healthcare professionals.

As a certified mindfulness teacher and advocate for physician well-being, I’ve dedicated myself to guide others on a path of self-discovery, reflection, and reconnecting to their authentic self. Through extensive training in mindfulness and self-compassion, coupled with experience as a pediatrician and executive coach, I’ve cultivated a unique approach centered on empathy, creativity, and deep listening.

My mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space for exploration, discovery, and action.
Whether you’re seeking to reignite your passion for medicine, navigate career transitions, or enhance your personal well-being, I am here to support you and I would be honored to be a part of your journey to maximizing your personal and professional fulfillment.”

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