physician coaching for organizations

Boost Staff Efficiency

Physician coaching for organizations mobilizes your physicians and physician leaders for increased productivity, motivation, and retention. 

Physician Coaching for Organizations

It’s not news that all the changes in healthcare are taking a toll on your physician staff. Struggling physicians diffuse negativity that impacts both patients and non-physician staff. For organizations, this challenge to morale reduces efficiency and productivity, and subsequent attrition impacts the bottom line. Physician coaching for organizations can rectify problematic environments or prevent them from ever emerging.

Whether your organization is struggling with leadership development, onboarding, disruptive behaviors, emerging leadership, or physician wellness, Dr. Gazelle sets your team on track. Whether one-to-one, in a small group, or in a lecture or workshop setting, she provides your staff with the tools they need to perform at their best. Dr. Gazelle’s programs offer complete confidentiality, a safe and non-punitive learning environment, and a productive approach for physicians to explore the issues vital to the organization’s success.

Physician coaching for organizations breaks down barriers towards efficiency, productivity, and the performance of your staff.

Leadership Development Coaching

As physicians, we go through extensive training to practice medicine, yet we get no such training once we step into a managerial role. Leadership development coaching provides the skills and the tools required to master the unique challenges of healthcare leadership.

For senior leaders, department chiefs, medical directors, and other physician leaders it is critical to have a physician coach who intimately understands practice environments as well as the mindset of the physicians who navigate them. With Dr. Gazelle’s expert coaching skills and background as a physician leader, she helps your leaders improve conflict management skills, increase decisiveness, identify and address blind spots, build communication skills, enhance effective engagement, and maintain clarity in emotionally charged situations.

By helping your leaders increase self-awareness, build upon existing strengths, and increase motivation to grow and change, my leadership development coaching assists you in developing the sound physician leadership your organization requires.

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Resilience Workshops

Given high levels of burnout and the increasing demands physicians face, your physician staff may suffer from frustration, isolation, demoralization, and inability to manage stress. This affects not only your organization’s working environment and conditions, but also impacts patient satisfaction, patient safety, and much more.

Physicians are extremely hard-working and committed professionals, however, the cultural emphasis on cognitive skills, perfectionism, and avoiding any appearance of weakness leaves them vulnerable to emotional exhaustion, a sense of low efficacy, and diminished productivity. Providing a dynamic workshop on physician resilience is a way your organization can show your staff that you want them to have the skills they need to succeed in today’s healthcare environment.

Dr. Gazelle’s engaging, dynamic, and practical workshops provides sustenance to physicians in need. Physicians leave these workshops with a renewed sense of optimism, motivation to make things work, and belief in their ability to accommodate change.

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Whether just out of training or new to your organization, you want to retain the talented physicians you have recruited. Many new physicians experience isolation, the stress of being an outsider, and difficulty adapting to organizational culture and norms. To reduce rates of turnover, your organization can turn to coaching to help retain your talent.

Dr. Gazelle works with leadership to understand your organization’s physician retention trends, then develop an individualized plan to coach the new physician. As a physician with 28-years of experience as well as a Master Certified Coach, Dr. Gazelle provides a sounding board, an advocate, a testing ground, and the needed support for new physicians to make a smooth transition to your organization.

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Managing Disruptive Behaviors

Whether it’s anger, passive-aggressiveness, or inability to manage conflict, physicians are often unaware of the impact of their behavior on others. Moreover, even when they recognize it, many have no idea how to change. They are frequently burnt out or struggling with the stress and demands of many different aspects of their lives.

However they appear on the outside, many physicians struggle with self-doubt and may never have experienced someone believing in them and their ability to overcome challenges.

Whether in person or by phone, Dr. Gazelle’s coaching begins by developing the trusting relationship necessary to build motivation and effect change. Dr. Gazelle uses a strengths-based and non-punitive approach to increase self-awareness, heighten sense of personal control, and increase emotional intelligence. This allows physicians to rapidly build on what they are already good at, try out new behaviors, and be successful at behavioral change.

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Emerging Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to transition your top physicians into leadership positions? You may have found that sending them to one-time management trainings or courses does little to develop the practical skills they need.

Strong physician leadership requires a sense of personal security, ability to read environmental cues, flexibility, robust communication skills, and enhanced emotional intelligence, not to mention specific insights into the unique challenges of leadership in healthcare.

Dr. Gazelle’s Emerging Leadership Coaching helps physician leaders become more aware of what pushes their buttons and what motivates them, increases understanding of core values that can guide effective decision-making, and fosters clarity about unique patterns of self-criticism. You will develop leaders who are better equipped to manage workplace conflict, give and receive feedback, motivate others, and align with organizational goals.

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Physician Wellness & Quality of Life

By utilizing coaching across all physicians and medical staff, healthcare organizations can demonstrate commitment to staff quality of life—and increase retention.

Whether subsidized by the organization or paid for by the physician, the supportive coaching Dr. Gazelle provides helps physicians experience a sense of renewal, increased workplace productivity and satisfaction, a sounding board for whatever challenges they face, and a more balanced approach to work.

It is no surprise that data is emerging that by increasing physician well-being and decreasing burnout, physicians are better positioned to deliver high quality, and more patient-centered care.

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Change Management and Teamwork

Is your organization struggling to get physicians to transition to new models of care delivery? The change management skills needed are not taught in medical training and include teamwork, communication, flexibility, thinking outside the box, ability to integrate new ideas, and comfort working non-hierarchically.

Building self-awareness, identifying personal barriers to change, testing out new perspectives, and increasing communication skills can help physicians begin to see the positive in new ways of providing care. Dr. Gazelle becomes the ally, sounding board, and champion to help physicians build the new “muscles” they need to work most effectively toward organizational goals.

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