Physician coaching

Physician Coaching

Imagine having a physician coach — your personal career and life strategist, advocate, adviser, and motivator.

You need physician coaching.

As one of the first physician coaches in the US, Dr. Gazelle has pioneered the field of physician coaching. She has coached over 500 physicians, and as the leading physician burnout coach, is an expert at helping physicians get back to thriving, and enjoying happy, balanced careers and home lives.

Being a Physician is Harder Than Ever

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No if, ands, or buts – there has never been a more difficult time to be a doctor. Modern-day physicians are expected to see more patients in less time, spend hours on the electronic record, and deal with numerous below-grade administrative and organizational pressures. The Coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated these difficulties – which is why, thankfully, there has been such a push towards physician coaching.

90%+ of physicians in 2022 struggle with:

  • Having sufficient time and energy for their loved ones
  • Leaving charting and the inbox at work
  • Remaining connected to their purpose as a doctor
  • Losing clarity on their personal and professional goals
  • Lack of confidence and decisiveness as a physician leader
  • Taking time to refuel physically and mentally

It’s Time to Make a Change – Physician Coaching!

Gail’s supportive coaching gave me the tools to see my strengths, stand up for myself, and reverse the pattern of negativity. She’s also helped me be the parent I want to be. Coaching with Gail has been a lifesaver. 



“Gail has helped transform my career from one that was perfectly fine into one that is truly outstanding and satisfying.”

Division Chief


“Coaching with Gail was a professional game-changer for me. She helped liberate me from long-standing imposter feelings and facilitated the emergence of my true leadership self. Thank you, Gail.”

Palliative Care Leader


Working with a Physician Coach, You Can Beat Physician Burnout.

If you’re ready to:

  • Build the life and career you’ve always wanted
  • Step into work feeling confident, at ease, and decisive
  • Overcome stress, anxiety, and imposter beliefs
  • Get in touch with values, goals, and habits authentic to you
  • Have more joyful moments with the people you love
  • Be your present, best self with patients and at home

Then it’s time to get started with coaching!


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The Benefits of Working with a Physician Burnout Coach:

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  • Become a much more confident, decisive, and effective leader
  • Master the challenges that get in the way of achieving your professional goals
  • Have a realistic accountability structure to help you do what you say you want to do
  • Utilize mindfulness to become more grounded, focused, and centered
  • Have a strong advocate who facilitates your growth and change
  • Develop better stress management and work-life balance
  • Gain clarity about your authentic goals and core values
  • Improve skills in caring for yourself – every bit, as well as you, care for your patients
  • Complete confidentiality

Learn how to live your best life – NOW. There is no reason to wait for retirement!

Meet Your Master Certified Physician Burnout Coach Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC

My 30 years as a physician, 20 years as Harvard Medical School faculty, 11 years as a career and leadership coach for doctors, and 25 years as a mother have all led me to the purpose I live by today.

My mission is simple: I give physicians, physician leaders, and other healthcare professionals the tools and confidence they need to thrive in their lives and careers. I help the individuals I coach see and access their strengths and feel the sense of meaning and purpose they deserve.

My coaching is founded on a couple of core beliefs:

I believe that there has never been a more difficult time to be a physician.

I believe that not enough attention is paid to physician wellness.

I believe that way, way too many doctors are walking around feeling stressed, burned out, and inadequate, as a physician and as a family member.

I believe that for all the medical training that we received, we got very little training on how to manage the stresses of the profession, and how to manage our most important instrument: our mind.

I believe that a small dose of physician mindfulness goes a long way. What I see time and time again is that small changes have a massive impact on the quality of life of the physicians that I coach and their coworkers, patients, and loved ones.

I believe that it’s every physician’s right to live a healthy, balanced life.

I believe that no matter how powerless they may feel, every physician can feel happy, in control of their life, and confident.

And perhaps most importantly – I believe in you. And I’m here to help you.


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Sign up for your complimentary 30-minute physician wellness coaching call with Dr. Gazelle now.

Note: Professional, career, and leadership coaching have a well-recognized presence in the business world and are moving into the healthcare arena. Creation of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate and Dr. Atul Gawande’s 2011 New Yorker article about coaching for physicians are emblematic of this trend.

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