Is Physician Coaching For You?

Something missing from your life as a physician?

It’s time to fully enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for.

Work with a Master Certified Coach trusted by 500 + physicians:

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A Call for Coaching: The Medical System is Broken

No ifs, and’s, or buts – there has never been a more difficult time to be a physician.

You are expected to see more patients in less time, spend hours on the electronic record, and deal with numerous below-grade administrative and organizational pressures.

And very quickly life becomes exhausting.

Do you struggle with:

  • Having enough time and energy for your loved ones (or just being fully present with them)
  • Leaving charting and the never-ending inbox at work
  • Living in “survival mode
  • Losing your connection to patients
  • Experiencing real joy
  • Rumination, worry, self-doubt, or the Imposter Syndrome
  • Knowing what comes next in your career and what you want
  • Maintaining confidence and decisiveness as a physician leader

Making time for your most important patient: You

But what if you could let go of all of that…

  • Imagine going to bed on Sunday night actually looking forward to your work the next day
  • Having time to eat more than just a bar or bag of chips in between patient visits
  • Or even better…actually taking your lunch break, and actually eating a healthy, nourishing lunch
  • Having time to exercise – not as a “have to do” but a “get to do”
  • No longer working in an oppressive working environment
  • Able to enjoy full presence and actually open up to romance and real connection
  • Coming home to a house of full presence, calm, and lightness
  • Being able to be 100% there for your children and your loved ones
  • Being one of the physicians that “has it all together”
  • Having the same mastery over yourself that you have over your craft
  • Able to smile and enjoy life despite whatever dysfunction is around you
  • Connecting fully with your patients and being proud of the difference you make
  • Being respected and admired by your entire team

And truly living life, when you aren’t working.

If that sounds like what you want, then coaching may be for you. Want to learn more?

Introduction To Physician Coaching

What is Physician Coaching?

physician coach

So, what is physician coaching?

It’s a great question – and a question that I feel qualified to answer because I benefitted so tremendously from coaching, and have since been trusted by over 500 physicians as their one-on-one coach.

My name is Dr. Gail Gazelle, I’m a 25-year practicing palliative care physician, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, and am now a Master Certified Coach for physicians and physician leaders.

In my eyes – physician coaching fundamentally fills the gap between what medical school and your training taught you and what you actually need to be successful as a physician.

It’s helping you build a life you’re proud of – of full presence, feeling in control, and like you actually have enough hours in the day, able to actually enjoy and look forward to your life outside of work.

It’s guiding you in a process of self-discovery aimed at building the inner and external resources you need to master whatever challenges you face.


Often these are tactical skills – learning how to speak confidently in meetings, how to lead effectively, how to delegate, manage your time, give critical feedback, and receive it.

Coaching also works on inner patterns – like overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, learning to live with real self-confidence, letting go of patterns of self-sacrifice and people-pleasing, and building real clarity on what it is you want from your career.

Physician coaching is a dynamic, individualized, motivating process dedicated to the future. It’s not therapy, which is often referred to as the “trail of tears,” but rather the roadmap to a brighter future – the trail of dreams.

For physicians and physician leaders, this is a positive, change-oriented process, and focuses on one of the only things you can control within a larger broken system – yourself.

It’s a space completely dedicated to your growth and helping you get the most from your career. Full presence. Paid what you are worth. Leadership positions. Real confidence. Time with the people you love. And happiness in your hands – not the hands of a broken system.

And it’s worked for countless physicians like you. Fast.

Discover how I can help you reach your goals:

What Are the Benefits of Physician Coaching?

benefits of physician coaching.

The Many Benefits of Working with a Physician Burnout Coach:

  • Leave work at work and bring your best self to time with your children and loved ones
  • Build real autonomy and break free from oppressive employers or administrators
  • Know exactly what your strengths are and how to best utilize them in your career
  • Have the confidence and voice as a physician that you’ve always wanted
  • Reconnect with your patients and the sense of compassion and curiosity you had when your career started
  • Experience better relationships with colleagues, patients, and loved ones
  • Enjoy a full presence outside of work and better work-life balance
  • Experience more joy and less shame, guilt, and stress
  • Gain mastery over your own emotions
  • Have happiness despite the broken system
  • Have complete confidentiality

Learn how to live your best life – NOW. There is no reason to wait for retirement.

See What Dr. Gazelle’s Coaching Did For These Physicians

“Coaching with Gail has been a lifesaver”

“Gail’s supportive coaching gave me the tools to see my strengths, stand up for myself, and reverse the pattern of negativity. She’s also helped me be the parent I want to be. Coaching with Gail has been a lifesaver.” 

Cardiologist | Massachusetts

“Gail has transformed my career”

“Helped transform my career from one that was perfectly fine into one that is truly outstanding and satisfying.”

Division Chief | Pennsylvania

“A professional game changer”

“Coaching with Gail was a professional game-changer for me. She helped liberate me from long-standing imposter feelings and facilitated the emergence of my true leadership self. Thank you, Gail.”

Palliative Care Leader | Pennsylvania


Physician Leadership Coaching

Find your Authentic Presence as a Physician Leader

physician burnout coach keynote speaker

All too often, the path to leadership in medicine is a promotion, a pat on the back, and, well, that’s it.

Physicians do not receive effective leadership training – and the need for effective training only compounds in leadership.

You likely still have clinical responsibilities and all of the challenges that come with practicing medicine. And now you have the added stresses of leadership.

Being responsible for inspiring and motivating staff. Finding your voice and leading authentically.

Learning how to delegate and fully trust your people. Communicating effectively.

Navigating organizational politics. Planning your career trajectory. Public speaking.

The internal battles that you fight as a physician – building real self-confidence, overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, and letting go of perfectionism – all become even more important as a leader.

And the demands on your time are heightened.

You want to have an impact and build programs that truly help patients for years to come. A culture that attracts the best of the best. And leave behind a real legacy.

But you can get so caught in the day-to-day and putting out fires that it becomes impossible to plan ahead.

And on top of that – there’s that nagging self-doubt. When are they going to find out I’m a fraud? Gosh, I have no idea what I’m doing. 

And quickly, your dream promotion becomes… anything but.

The good news is that change is possible.

There’s a whole slew of skills and strategies that medical school didn’t teach you that make the difference between burnout, ineffectiveness, and dreading leadership…

And full confidence, balance, and the lasting impact that you want as a physician leader.

And that’s where coaching comes into play.

What You Can Expect From Physician Leadership Coaching

  • Find your authentic leadership presence
  • Experience more calm, confidence, and poise in decision-making
  • Learn to fully trust yourself
  • Say exactly what’s on your mind in meetings
  • Have clarity and calm in emotionally charged situations
  • Be an inspired team who trusts you completely
  • Be able to delegate and “let go”
  • Address self-limiting beliefs and career-limiting behaviors
  • Balance clinical and administrative responsibilities with comfort and poise 
  • Experience comfort in navigating challenging organizational politics
  • Give presentations and talks that people never forget
  • Actually have time for yourself and your family after work
Physician Leadership Coaching. Gail Gazelle MD

If you’re ready to become the physician leader you know you’re capable of being

Different Physician Coaching Services

Our physician coaching has transformed hundreds of careers and is in especially high demand as more physicians struggle.

After becoming one of the first physician coaches in the US in 2010, Dr. Gazelle has been a pioneer in the field of physician coaching.

Her latest book, Mindful MD, outlines a revolutionary process for reclaiming joy, autonomy, and balance in healthcare, and she offers various services for physicians looking for coaching.

She has coached over 500 physicians, and as the leading physician burnout coach, is an expert at helping physicians get back to thriving, and enjoying happy, balanced careers and home lives.

physician coaching services

Physician Coaching

A proven system to get over physician burnout and love the career and life you’ve worked so hard for. Find out more about physician coaching. 

Physician Mindfulness Workshops

Physician Leadership

Dr. Gazelle is the trusted coach for physician leaders and Chief Medical Officers. Learn more about her physician leadership coaching.

healthcare speaking

Healthcare Speaking

Dr. Gazelle has limited availability for speaking engagements and grand rounds. Learn more about her healthcare-speaking keynotes.

Experiencing exhaustion, overwhelm, or even thinking of leaving medicine due to physician burnout? It may be time for a physician coach. 


  • Having the life and career you’ve always wanted
  • Going to work feeling confident, at ease, and decisive
  • Living without stress, anxiety, and imposter beliefs
  • Get in touch with values, goals, and habits authentic to you
  • Having more joyful moments with the people you love
  • Looking forward to work, being present, being your best self with patients and at home

See What Dr. Gazelle’s Coaching Did For These Physicians

“Empowered me with the many strategies”

“You opened my eyes to how I was seeing things and empowered me with many strategies and insights you shared. Your advice to crystalize and use my life purpose to center my perspectives and decision-making was invaluable and freeing. I now find myself more focused when facing challenges and dilemmas. I am so grateful that I found you!”

Hospitalist | Massachusetts

“Helped me be the parent I want to be”

“I was being bullied in my workplace and felt trapped, inferior, and depressed. Gail’s supportive coaching gave me the tools to see my strengths, stand up for myself, and reverse the pattern of negativity. She’s also helped me be the parent I want to be. Coaching with Gail has been a lifesaver. I give Gail my highest recommendation.”

Cardiologist | Massachusetts

“Coaching makes more sense than psychotherapy”

“Was at a crossroads in my career and lacked the confidence to make decisions about the next steps. Working with Dr. Gazelle helped me see my inner strengths and how to use them going forward. She helped lessen my anxieties and pursue my goals both personal and professional. For high-functioning professionals, coaching makes more sense than psychotherapy.”

Psychiatrist | Florida

Your Physician Coach

Meet Your Master Certified Physician Burnout Coach Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC

30 years as a physician, 20 years as Harvard Medical School faculty, 14 years as a career and leadership coach for physicians, 500 + physicians coached, and 26 years as a mother have all led me to the purpose I live by today.

My mission is simple: I give physicians, physician leaders, and other healthcare professionals the tools and confidence they need to thrive in their lives and careers.

I help the individuals I coach to see and access their strengths and feel the sense of meaning and purpose they deserve.

physician coach Gail Gazelle MD MCC

Your trusted physician coach is the best of the best

Dr. Gazelle is a Master Certified Coach who has been trusted by over 500 physicians.

My coaching is founded on a few core beliefs. I believe:

  • That there has never been a more difficult time to be a physician.
  • Not enough attention is paid to physician wellness.
  • Way, way too many physicians are walking around feeling stressed, burned out, and inadequate, as a physician, and as a family member.
  • No matter how dysfunctional the healthcare system is, you don’t have to hand over your happiness to a broken system.
  • For all the medical training we received, we got very little training on how to manage the stresses of the profession, and how to manage our most important instrument: our mind.
  • A small dose of physician mindfulness goes a long way. What I see time and time again is that small changes have a massive impact on the quality of life of the physicians I coach and their coworkers, patients, and loved ones.
  • It’s every physician’s right to live a healthy, balanced life.
  • No matter how powerless they may feel, every physician can feel confident, fulfilled, and in control of their life.
  • And perhaps most importantly – I believe in you. And I’m here to help you.

See What Dr. Gazelle’s Coaching Did For These Physicians

“Got the salary I wanted. I never could have done this without her”

“My dream job was a stretch and, as a Latina woman, I was insecure about my qualifications. Gail got me to believe in my strengths and value and worked intensively to prepare me so I was able to project that I was the perfect candidate. I not only got the job but, with Gail’s expert coaching, I didn’t settle… I pushed and got the salary I wanted. I never could have done this without her. I am so grateful to Gail.”

Healthcare Executive | Massachusetts

“The impact of Gail’s coaching has been immeasurable.”

“I started coaching with Gail as my Press Ganey’s were in the gutter and I’d tried everything imaginable to improve them. Using mindfulness and other techniques, Gail helped me figure out exactly where I was getting hung up and how to do things differently. Same patients, same problems but now I’m not only getting much better scores but I’m also much happier at work and at home. The impact of Gail’s coaching has been immeasurable.”

Emergency Physician | Wisconsin

“Becoming the captain of my own ship”

“Gail Gazelle is a compassionate and insightful person, who will work hard to get you to moving toward your goals. Coaching with Dr. Gazelle helped me step back and begin to align all aspects of my life toward the goals I choose. I feel more relaxed and also am becoming the captain of my own ship. Dr. Gazelle’s dedication to her work is obvious, and with her skills and talents, you will find yourself advancing toward a new you before you know it.“

Academic Internist | Massachusetts

Yes, I want results like these physicians

Physician Burnout Resources

street free medical charting download

Stress Free Charting

This free resource is aimed to help you better manage your physician charting tasks so you can save time to do what’s important – enjoy your life.

14 day meditation series for physician burnout

The Daily Dose of Calm

A free 14-Day mini mindfulness course. In less than 10 minutes per day, you’ll learn about mindfulness and get practice meditating.

imposter syndrome donwload for physician burnout

Imposter No More

Everything you need to take full credit for all your accomplishments and strengths and vanquish Imposter Syndrome from your life!

physician leadership download

Leading In A Time of Crisis

What healthcare leaders need to know. Leadership in healthcare has never been more difficult than it is now. Get exactly what you need to cope and thrive.

physician burnout download

From Burnout to Balance

Struggling with burnout? This brief must-read guide provides just the right practical resilience strategies you need.

Mindful MD book

Mindful MD Book

The physician mindfulness book. A complete guide to bringing every physician the satisfaction and fulfillment they deserve.

See What Dr. Gazelle’s Coaching Did For These Physicians

“Far beyond what any book or course could ever teach”

“Gail is absolutely the best! I have utilized her expertise and coaching services for 2 years now, and I have been nothing but impressed. She has helped me ground myself so that I am able to be the best leader that I am capable of being. She has provided training for me far beyond what any book or course could ever teach. I cannot say enough about how essential she has been to my career.”

Chief of Hospitalist Service | Arkansas

“In just three months of working with Gail, I have gained an arsenal of skills”

“I came to coaching to resolve workplace issues that seemed intractable and left me feeling powerless. In just three months of working with Gail, I have gained an arsenal of skills and strategies that help me be more productive and content at work. If you’re looking to increase your confidence and make changes in your life, coaching with Gail can really help.”

Medical Researcher | New York

“Into a life that is fulfilling and purposeful”

“Gail’s unique combination of strengths — her intelligence, compassion, perception, and enthusiasm — are unmatched. Her fun, yet focused, style of coaching connected me to the best version of myself and helped me move forward personally and professionally into a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. With her encouragement, I felt supported every step of the way.”

Physician Editor | Massachusetts


Physician Coaching FAQs

What Is physician coaching?

Physician coaching is working one-on-one with a dedicated, trained physician coach to help you achieve everything you want from your career and life that you aren’t getting today.

It’s a dynamic, individualized process driven by questioning and guiding you to what is true for you. Part of the coaching process is building skills and strategies that you may not have today, such as how to communicate with a difficult administrator, set firm boundaries, or manage negative thoughts. The process may also involve gaining clarity on your strengths and what it is that you want from your career.

It’s a space completely dedicated to you, your growth, and your goals.

Why would I need a physician coach?

As you have likely already realized, what got you “here,” may not get you there. Physicians develop all kinds of habits in training – perfectionism, workaholicism, people pleasing, etc… and coaching helps set new patterns that help physicians actually enjoy the life that they’ve worked so hard for.

You may want coaching around self-defeating thoughts, or around creating more balance in your life.

Physicians also often pursue coaching when they’ve been promoted to a leadership role, and want to build the new skillset that it takes to thrive in physician leadership.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? Is a coach just an expensive therapist?

Therapy is a valuable general support meant to aid with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, primarily by delving into your past, and targets general mental and emotional well-being. There’s nothing wrong with it and for many, it helps with the symptoms of being a struggling doctor in the modern medical system.

Coaching is future-oriented and action-driven and guides you towards internal and external change within your life and career. Physician coaching, in particular, is highly specialized to the unique challenges that you face as a physician.

Just like you wouldn’t go to a minute clinic for an appendectomy, you wouldn’t go to a therapist to regain your career happiness as a doctor.

How do I choose the right physician coach for me?

Choosing the right physician coach to work with is an important decision. Several factors to consider include experience, certification, and the right personality fit.

Dr. Gail Gazelle has coached over 500 physicians and is a Master Certified Coach. If you’d like to work with her, you can apply for coaching below.

Who should consider physician coaching?

Physicians who are exhausted, dissatisfied, burned out, “in survival mode,” and completely ready for a change often pursue coaching. Physicians who have charts piling up or who are constantly thinking about their inbox (or charting in their pajamas, at the sidelines of their kid’s little league game, at home, etc.) are great candidates for coaching.

If you’re a physician who hates “playing the game” and the corporatization of medicine, or who’s having trouble setting boundaries.

Physician leaders who struggle with public speaking, leading meetings, managing people, or finding their authentic presence as leaders benefit tremendously from coaching.

Can it be conducted online or in-person?

Physician coaching is typically done over Zoom or a similar video-conferencing platform, especially since the pandemic.

Is coaching effective?

Yes! Coaching has helped many physicians. You can take a look at our testimonials, here.

What are the available types of coaching for physicians?

Physician career coaching, mindfulness coaching, and leadership coaching are examples of different coaching engagements that a physician would pursue. “Physician life coaching” or “Physician executive coaching” are umbrella terms that cover the range of types of coaching that a physician would receive.

What are the benefits of physician coaching?

Physicians who complete coaching often have more presence, more calm, and an ability to “leave work at work” and enjoy real peace at the end of the day.

Physicians that I’ve coached report being calmer, more confident, and more able to navigate the challenges and emotional demands of medicine. They enjoy better relationships and can be more compassionate – with themselves and with others.

A core sign of burnout is patients just becoming problems, and losing that compassion and even joy for healing that you may have started with.

And physicians who go through coaching often report being able to come back to that compassionate place.

Physicians who are entering leadership positions can lead more effectively and from a place of authenticity, being the leader that they can truly be, through their strengths and authentic values.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is heightened self-trust and the ability to move past rumination and into full self-trust and confidence.

Is a physician coach worth the money?

Considering what you have likely already invested in becoming a physician, the incremental investment that it takes to actually enjoy life as a physician and physician leader is almost always money well spent.

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