Physician Group Coaching

The Burnout to Balance Breakthrough Coaching Program

Physician Group Coaching helps reduce pressures in your career that defeat you and drive you to physician burnout.
Discover the secret to a fulfilling and satisfying career in only 6 weekly sessions.

physician group

The Burnout to Balance Breakthrough Coaching Program

Physician Group Coaching helps reduce pressures in your career that defeat you and drive you to physician burnout.
Discover the secret to a fulfilling and satisfying career in only 6 weekly sessions.

The Next Burnout to Balance Group Coaching Program starts September 2018

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Welcome to The Burnout to Balance Breakthrough Program.

by Dr. Gail Gazelle | MD, FACP, FAAHPM

Don’t let the pressures of your career defeat you and drive you to burnout! Discover the secrets to a fulfilling and satisfying career with the
6-week mindfulness-based Burnout to Balance Breakthrough group coaching program-for less than $125 per session.

Session will be capped at 30 physicians.

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Take the first step toward a renewed sense of empowerment and purpose

Get your very own personalized action plan towards empowerment, career satisfaction,  and purpose with the mindfulness-based Burnout to Balance Breakthrough group coaching program. This experiential 6-week program created for the specific challenges of physicians is designed to help you break away from feeling overworked, stressed, and mentally exhausted. You will move forward and reclaim your sense of meaning and fulfillment.

The benefits of physician group coaching

Gain command over your life and your career
Increase focus with mindfulness-based resilience strategies
Utilize your strengths to overcome obstacles and challenges
Get experience with meditation to build calm and clarity into your day
Partner with an expert ally, advocate and motivator
Enjoy a judgment-free, open-minded, and supportive environment
Build confidence and decrease self-doubt
Put an end to the Imposter Syndrome once and for all
Release the grip of negativity. Build positive emotions
Overcome procrastination and increase productivity
Achieve efficiency so you can have greater work-life balance
Benefits of one-on-one coaching for a fraction of the cost

What past clients want you to know

“The group coaching was fun and engaging, productive and effective. Learning with a group of colleagues made all the difference. After years of feeling like an imposter, I’ve now been freed.”

“It was so helpful to get experience with different resilience techniques. I can now see my strengths and utilize them much more effectively. The program was eye-opening and highly impactful.”

“Gail really knows what physicians need and is an expert at guiding us. Her skills and drills not only make mindfulness and resilience accessible but help us build the motivation to incorporate these in our days.”

What is group coaching?

You’ll discover why studies have shown that mindfulness is the one evidence-based intervention to prevent burnout. You’ll see how you can easily integrate mindfulness and other resilience strategies into your day-to-day worklife. By the end of the program, you’ll have the necessary skills to conquer the pain of modern practice. You’ll regain a sense of control of your life and your career.

What you need to know:

  • $695 for 6 weekly sessions of 75 minutes each (May 14, May 22, May 29, June 5, June 12, June 19 at 8 pm EST.)
  • All calls are recorded and downloadable. Transcripts of each call are available.
  • Sessions include guided meditation, exercise worksheets, and actionable steps.
  • See a detailed breakdown of each session below.

Is this group coaching for me?

Take this simple test to find out! If you reply “yes!” to more than 4 of the statements below, you’re a perfect candidate for group coaching:

I know that something needs to give


I’ve been wanting to delve into mindfulness and just haven’t found the time


I’m experiencing physician burnout and want to remain in practice


I’m tired of being tired all the time


I’m feeling guilty because I don’t spend enough time with family


I’m open to learning how mindfulness and other strategies can help me manage my stress


No one understands the stress of my life

Not so fast!

This program is NOT for you if…

you aren’t ready to take responsibility for making things better


you want to be given a solution without putting in any time or effort


you’d rather whine and complain than take action


you’re negative and are content blaming others for your challenges

Build the resilience skills you need to thrive and reclaim a sense of purpose

Physician Group Coaching Program overview:


Session 1: Developing Resources

  • Leverage the best version of yourself to face your challenges
  • Develop a strong and hidden inner resource
  • Build the muscle of self-compassion
  • Discover inner calm and stability through meditation

Session 2: Mindfulness Basics

  • Learn about mindfulness and how it can benefit you
  • Understand that thoughts are just thoughts
  • Look at the ways the judging mind is tripping you up
  • Develop strategies to incorporate mindfulness into a busy day

Session 3: Focus On Your Strengths

  • Understand your signature strengths
  • Learn new ways to apply your strengths to meet challenges
  • Understand practical positive psychology and mindfulness tools
  • Deepen your connection to gratitude practices

Session 4: Shifting Patterns of Thinking That Get In Your Way

  • Identify your top self-critical patterns
  • Get tools to question your assumptions
  • Develop new patterns of internal messaging
  • Build confidence and dispel the Imposter Syndrome

Session 5: Managing Negativity and Developing Positivity

  • Deepen awareness of your own unique patterns of negativity
  • Learn top evidence-based tactics for building positivity
  • Learn practical cognitive reframing techniques
  • Increase “being” rather than always “doing”

Session 6: Bringing It All Together

  • Develop your own individualized resilience plan
  • Increase focus with mindfulness-based resilience strategies
  • Gain command over your life and career

The next program will be starting in September 2018. Sign-up to our newsletter to be notified

FREE Extras!

  1. An orientation call to get you started before the sessions
  2. Free mindfulness book sent to you
  3. Downloads of all calls as well as call transcripts
  4. Access to your own expert physician coach at any time during the 6-week program
  5. A private Facebook group so you can get the support of like-minded colleagues

About Dr. Gail Gazelle

After witnessing colleagues struggling with burnout and having lived through the experience herself, Dr. Gazelle decided that the burnout epidemic amongst physicians had to stop. Thanks to 28 years in practice and extensive coach training and experience, she understands the struggles and realities of her colleagues in a wide variety of specialties. In her decade of physician coaching, she has coached hundreds of physicians to regain their level of both performance and fulfillment.

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