Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your career or boost efficiency and performance in your current leadership role, my physician leaders executive coaching will set you on the path to achieving your goals.

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Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your career or boost efficiency and performance in your current leadership role, my physician leaders executive coaching will set you on the path to achieving your goals.

Physician Leaders Executive Coaching

The Physician Leaders Executive Coaching Program is designed to meet the unique challenges that today’s healthcare environment presents. More and more, physician leaders are stretched thin, having to shepherd many complex changes to demoralized physicians and being accountable for sustaining the bottom line. More than ever, physician leaders need to be at the top of their game.

Dr. Gazelle’s Physician Leaders Executive Coaching is specifically adapted to provide physician leaders and healthcare executives with the confidence and skills to master the competing challenges of healthcare management and perform at their highest level every day.

What Is Physician Leaders Executive Coaching?

The reality is that many physicians who attain leadership or executive roles don’t have the necessary tools or skills to cope with the expectations of a managerial role. New responsibilities such as managing individuals and teams, delegating tasks, building consensus, communicating an organizational vision, and giving and receiving feedback are all common challenges that physician leaders face daily and yet have no idea how to accomplish efficiently. Without the needed skills, physician leaders often experience self-doubt and suffer from the Impostor Syndrome.

Leadership coaching with Dr. Gazelle provides you with the mastery to perform at your highest level every day, leaving feelings of self-doubt behind while fulfilling all the expectations and demands of your leadership role. Whether you’re a CMO, medical director, or academic department chair, Dr. Gazelle understands the demands of your role and has the expertise and wisdom to get you to the next level.

Drawing from a wide variety of techniques – the Harvard Negotiations Project difficult conversations model, Janice Martuano’s work on mindful leadership, Marshall Goldsmith’s recent work on patterns and triggers – Dr. Gazelle brings the best in evidence-based strategies to her coaching. In addition, her belief in the power of humor makes every coaching session engaging and enjoyable.

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physician leaders executive coaching

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This year-long intensive program is for leaders wanting more impact, greater efficiency, enhanced presence and confidence, and a heightened sense of balance and calm. Leadership coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take your development to a deeper, more fulfilling, and sustainable level. Working one-on-one with Dr. Gazelle, you will enhance your awareness, leverage your strengths, manage your time efficiently and productively. You’ll gain clarity about priorities, and have concrete actions to make sure that 2019 is your best year as a leader yet.

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What clients have to say about Dr. Gazelle’s physician leaders executive coaching

“Leadership coaching with Gail led me to understand what I need to do to be at my best. I now operate from a place of greater personal autonomy, sense of options, and make decisions every day based on a greater sense of priorities. The external pressures haven’t changed, but I now have stronger tools for coping with them.”

- Chief medical officer

New Jersey

“In the midst of never-ending pressures of work and family life, it has been very helpful to have a safe and supportive space to focus on me. Through coaching, I feel more in control and empowered in my life. Dr. Gazelle is completely focused on my goals and agenda, and as someone growing into my leadership position, it has been invaluable working with her. The return on investment has been far more than I ever could have anticipated.”

~ COO, Emergency physician


“I looked into several coaches before choosing Gail, one of whom charged over $5,000 just to get started! Gail has helped me clarify my goals, create positive momentum, and explore my options for a more fulfilling career.  She is concise, affordable, on track, and holds me to task.  I recommend her highly.”

- Chief medical officer


“Working with Gail far surpassed my expectations. I work in a very politically charged environment with many silos having competing interests and agendas. Gail’s coaching helped me see through this, and to maintain focus on the priorities of my department. Managing the interpersonal relationships with these individuals with competing interests was initially hampering my abilities as a physician leader.  Now, rather than being managed, I am leading more effectively. I couldn’t have gotten here without Gail.”

~ Chief of Cardiac Surgery

New Jersey

How can physician leaders executive coaching help you?

Leadership coaching with Dr. Gazelle will help you:

  • Improve time management skills
  • Manage meetings more effectively
  • Become more aware of what motivates you, what pushes your buttons, and what gets in your way
  • Be a more effective team leader and build team engagement skills
  • Identify and work with your blind spots
  • Develop your authentic leadership style
  • Maintain clarity in emotionally charged situations
  • Overcome patterns of self-criticism
  • Increase your confidence and decisiveness
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Boost your resilience and build calm into your day
  • Benefit from a coach who is your sounding board, ally, advocate, and champion

If you’re ready to perform at your highest levels each day, every day, then you’re ready for some physician leaders executive coaching. Book your FREE 30-minute consultation to get started!

Meditation Challenge

The Daily Dose of Calm

Learn to cope with the demands you face by including meditation into your daily routine. Through meditation, you can quiet the busyness of the mind, build focus, and develop greater ease and balance. Get FREE access to all 14 audios personally recorded by Dr. Gail Gazelle.

More client testimonials

“I started coaching because, although I appeared to be at the pinnacle of my academic career, I was unhappy at work, was so stressed I couldn’t sleep and was developing other health problems, and didn’t value myself. Through coaching with Gail, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and life, and now not only enjoy my work but am more productive. My life is moving forward in ways I couldn’t imagine before. Gail gives 150% of herself and is highly skilled. My life has changed fundamentally while working with Gail for the last year. I am very grateful to have discovered her coaching.”

~ Neurosurgery Endowed Chair


“Gail has helped transform my career from one that was perfectly fine into one that is truly outstanding and satisfying.  Working with Gail, it has been a natural progression of identifying and using my strengths to the advantage of myself and others involved in my work. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, now I find ways to depend on what I do have to make it all work. I cannot say enough about how useful Gail’s coaching has been to my career and quality of life.”

~ Division chief,


“In her coaching, Gail brings a unique and much-needed combination of wisdom, compassion, and competence to physicians and physician leaders.”  

Executive director, Institute of Coaching,

Harvard Medical School

“Through leadership coaching with Gail I’m gaining clarity and focus that helps me deal with a variety of leadership situations more effectively and with a newfound confidence. Gail’s relaxed and flexible style makes each coaching session enjoyable and productive, and with each session I see immediate results! I’ve truly thrived and I’m developing the leadership style that fits for my personality and strengths. Thank you, Gail.

- Palliative care director