Physician Leadership Coaching

Become the physician leader you’ve dreamed of being in 6 months – even if you completely doubt yourself today.

Hear from real physicians I’ve helped, below.

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Hear from real leaders Dr. Gazelle has coached:

Dr. Goncalves, who is leading more effectively rather than being managed:

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Physician Leadership Coaching

There are a multitude of skills that your medical training likely didn’t provide you that are essential for success as a physician leader.

Think about diagnosing a brain tumor without an MRI. Or baking a cake without flour.

For many physicians, the promotion to leadership represents an exciting milestone. The chance to enact change at a broader scale, and shape the lives of providers and patients beyond just your panel.

However, in reality, this can actually be far from the dream role that you may have delayed gratification for years for.

Many physician leaders come to me facing:

Not enough hours in the day
Dysfunctional organizations and politics
– A “corporate game” that you have no clue how to play
– Conflict after conflict
– Difficulty balancing everyone’s needs
– Stakeholders that value profits over patients and physicians
Imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or harsh inner-criticism
– Exhaustion and burnout
Lack of clarity on what comes next in your career
– Wondering if leadership is right for you

Which of course, has an impact on them outside of work as well.

I’m well aware of these challenges – because I faced them too.

I was able to help the above physicians (and hundreds of others) because I went through everything they experienced, and you’re experiencing myself.

Struggling as a Physician Leader to Thriving at Work and Home

healthcare speaker. Gail Gazelle MD

Let me tell you my story.

We’ll start in 2007, and let’s see what parts sound familiar to you…

I’m in Boston, practicing as a palliative care physician, leading my department, and raising my 12-year-old son, Daavi.

And I am completely burned out. About as bad as it gets.

I’m all but consumed by guilt – at home, for not being with patients, and at work, for not being with Daavi.

I have a deep, furrowed brow, I’m always tired, and every night I grind my teeth before a miserable night’s sleep, to do it again the next day.

The clinical work isn’t a problem – I love my patients and that’s what I signed up for.

But I dread the administrative side of things – speaking in front of my department, giving tough feedback, delegating, and having tough conversations.

I feel better just keeping my head down and remaining silent.

And when I do speak up – it seems like nobody is listening.

I am honestly considering leaving medicine.

I constantly wonder if leadership is right for me.

And I know something has to change.

I try everything:

Therapy, changing my schedule, changing jobs, reading leadership and self-help books, but it just feels like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

And that ship is sinking fast.

Luckily enough, I stumbled upon a flyer for an executive coach for doctors.

Of course, I’m skeptical.

But I don’t have much of a choice…something has to change.

So I jump in.

And very quickly things shift.

My coach believes in me, champions me, and pushes me to show up differently.

She gave me the tactical leadership skills I was missing. Everything medical training should have covered.

The accountability and support I needed.

And most importantly, the confidence and awareness to manage my own mind and limiting beliefs.

The results are astonishing, for me and everyone I interacted with.

Where I was silent and ineffective…

Now I’m able to participate fully, be an authentic voice for what patients and clinicians need, and feel great about my abilities as a leader.


I jump to Medical Director, and CMO, and faculty at Harvard Med.

My work is published twice in the NEJM…

And I even write my first book.

The accolades come rolling in.

My colleagues ask “Where did the old Gail go?…” and I even overhear “Wow, she’s so happy, she must be in love!”

The internal shifts are even more stark.

For the first time… I actually look forward to work.

I get full clarity on what career moves made sense for me.

That overwhelming sense of guilt and not-enoughness is gone.

And finally, I can be 100% there for my son.

I’m free from the burden of constant stress and rumination. I have time for warm home-cooked meals instead of the protein bars …

And I actually start to look forward to leading, and am able to thrive within the controlled chaos of healthcare.

And I start really living life – making space for me. More. And more.

The transition was so powerful that in 2010 I made the leap and became a coach in my own right.

And today I am the CEO of a successful coaching group with almost a dozen employees…

And now, 13 years later, I’ve guided 500+ physicians, physician leaders, and CMOs through the exact same journey.

And if there’s one theme I’ve seen across those hundreds and hundreds of docs…

Like Dr. B, who is able to lead with courage and confidence: 

Or Dr. S, who is able to be her full self at work and at home: 

Or Dr. Bhakta, who is showing up as the best leader that she is capable of being:

Sonal Testimonial 1

Or Dr. Newman, who is now liberated from long-standing imposter beliefs:

Sherika Testimonial
Or Dr. Liebshutz, who transformed her career from on that was perfectly fine into one that is truly outstanding:
Jane Testimonial
Or the physicians at AMC, who moved from stuck and downtrodden to hopeful and fully engaged:
Steve Testimonial
Or Dr. H, who is now more present with her daughters and husband:
Sarah Testimonial

It’s that no matter where you are today.

You too can be a confident, poised leader with a balanced life outside of medicine.

I promise you that it’s possible.

Each of the above physicians came to coaching with nagging insecurities, with harsh inner-critics, with patterns that were not serving them in leadership.

Each physician didn’t have enough hours in the day.

Each physician felt underprepared and underappreciated.

And now, each physician is living life as a confident, effective leader.

Having the impact they want at work. Able to enact programs, and policies, and clinics that transform the lives of thousands of patients.

And able to go home and enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard for.

No more I.B.H.W. (I’ll be happy when…)

They are happy now.

That’s what it’s all about.

More confidence, more respect, more impact, more efficiency and ability to prioritize, and more life outside of work.

More motivated staff.

More control and autonomy. More connection. And more time.

Take a second to imagine what that would feel like:

To speak and have the rest of your department hanging on to each word. To have control over your days and be able to delegate and trust that things will actually get done. To build programs and clinics that physicians are proud to be a part of.

And to go home, turn off your mind, and be fully present with loved ones.

I’ve seen so many clients in leadership quickly move from floundering and dreading work to truly loving their role and having the impact they desire.

And that’s how I came to develop the Physician Leadership Accelerator – a transformative 6 month program for physician leaders like you designed to take you to that exact place.

So whether you’re looking for more balance, more confidence and poise, to speak and actually be heard, to escape burnout or just to become the physician and leader you know you’re capable of being…

You can 100% get there.

“Working with Gail far surpassed my expectations. I work in a very politically charged environment with many silos having competing interests and agendas. Gail’s coaching helped me see through this, and to maintain focus on the priorities of my department. Now, rather than being managed, I am leading more effectively. I couldn’t have gotten here without Gail”

– Chief of Cardiac Surgery, New Jersey

physician leader

Who seeks physician leadership coaching?

Physicians looking to be promoted, newly promoted physicians, leaders feeling Imposter Syndrome, physician leaders struggling with self-doubt, Chief Medical Officers, deans, department chairs, Chief Wellness Officers, medical directors, program directors, physician leaders looking to have greater impact, leaders who want help building clarity, physician leaders who feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, who feel under-respected and recognized in their organizations, and those looking to take their career in healthcare to the next level.

physician leadership coaching by Gail Gazelle MD MCC

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to feel true confidence and calm at work and outside of it, be recognized and respected, and have a deep impact within your organization. 

But you’ll hear that directly from the physician leaders who I’ve coached, in a moment.

“I looked into several coaches before choosing Gail, one of whom charged over $5,000 just to get started! Gail has helped me clarify my goals, create positive momentum, and explore my options for a more fulfilling career.  She is concise, affordable, on track, and holds me to task.  I recommend her highly.”

– Chief medical officer, Illinois

“I am most appreciative of her gentle challenges”

“Dr. Gazelle is a fantastic coach, mentor, and sounding board. She listens, takes it all in, and quickly understands the strategic vision, leadership styles, and personal and organizational roadblocks to success. It’s all about growth as a leader and a person, and I am most appreciative of her gentle challenges to perhaps see things from a different perspective. Her constant refrain is to understand and draw upon our value system – that inner core that shapes how we perceive ourselves and how others receive us as leaders.” 

Department Vice Chair | Pennsylvania

“Committed to finding ways to help me achieve my goals.”

“As a recent “graduate” of Gail’s leadership program, I am amazed at what a difference a year makes. Gail helped me lean into my strengths, values, and emotional intelligence to build confidence and overcome imposter beliefs. Gail was a delight to work with – easy to talk to, asked thought-provoking questions, and committed to finding ways to help me achieve my goals.”

Chief Medical Informatics Officer | Washington DC

“Gail got me to believe in my strengths “

My dream job was a stretch and, as a Latina woman, I was insecure about my qualifications. Gail got me to believe in my strengths and value and worked intensively to prepare me so I was able to project that I was the perfect candidate. I not only got the job but, with Gail’s expert coaching, I didn’t settle… I pushed and got the salary I wanted. I never could have done this without her. I am so grateful to Gail.”

Healthcare Executive | Massachusetts

FAQ About Physician Leadership Coaching

How could I ever become an executive-level leader? I’m anything but one today…

The reason why most physicians struggle with leadership is simply because they were never taught effective leadership principles, and they haven’t had the practice. Just like I don’t beat myself up for not being a world-class drummer, and Oprah Winfrey doesn’t beat herself up for not being a great cardiologist, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not yet reaching your leadership potential.

This program is all about teaching you effective and proven leadership skills and strategies and tailoring them to your unique personality and strengths, and the challenges you face.

Just like you mastered your craft as a physician, leadership is a skill that can be learned – and if you don’t believe me, you can hear directly from the physicians I’ve helped, below.

I can’t be a physician leader. I’m not an extrovert or a natural leader. I’m not even sure I like leading people :).

These are some of the most common leadership myths (many of which are debunked in our Physician to Physician Leader Master Curriculum).

The truth is, there is no one leadership archetype, but there is one trait that all successful leaders embody (everyone from the Harvard Business Review to Warren Beemis agree): Authenticity.

This program doesn’t try to make you into somebody you aren’t, or force you into a cookie-cutter shape of a loud, aggressive, dominating leader. This program focuses on developing and honing your strengths, getting clear on your values and vision, and implementing tried and true leadership strategies and habits.

You don’t have to be an extrovert, you don’t have to be a “natural leader,” and you don’t have to be anything other than who you are today. Your authentic-self is enough.

What do I need “in line already” in my life/practice to make the most of the program?

You don’t need to magically clear your overbooked schedule, or be in a place where life doesn’t feel crazy. If you wait until your life isn’t crazy to make a change, you might be burned out forever…

Thinking you “aren’t ready” for coaching is usually just fear talking. And if you think you don’t have enough hours in the day to do coaching, that’s probably why you need it!

But that’s also why we talk to you 1:1 before you can become a client. Because on the off chance you legitimately aren’t ready for coaching, we’ll tell you ourselves.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

This is my favorite question. 🙂

Leaders-to-be who struggle with self-doubt today often wonder if the 180-Day program will work for them. And that doubt is normal.

The thing is, we aren’t waiting for a magical chemical reaction to happen here. We aren’t hoping, and praying, and rubbing our hands together, anticipating the magical moment where all of our self-doubt will melt away and we’ll be a world-class CEO/dean-level leader.

Instead, we’re following a proven, step-by-step process to overcome self-doubt, build confidence, learn what it means to be a leader as an authentic version of ourselves, embody that ideal, incorporate tried and true leadership strategies, and overcome the roadblocks that emerge as we go (with self-compassion and support).

This isn’t some woo-woo, experimental procedure, it’s you following a proven system with the guidance of an expert executive coach completely dedicated to your growth as a leader.

If you are ready to grow and learn, then the program works. Period.

And again, don’t just take my word for it, but listen to the physicians who have worked with us already, below.

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