Physician Mindfulness Workshops

Physician Mindfulness Workshops

Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other emotions that lead to physician burnout with these soothing physician mindfulness workshops by Dr. Gazelle.

Mindfulness Leadership physicians

Physician Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to mitigating physician burnout. It is also an approach to living and working that harnesses the mind to increase focus, concentration, compassion, efficiency, and calm.

Build a Work Culture that Increases Performance

Dr. Gazelle provides customized mindfulness presentations and workshops that build a mindfulness culture in your physicians, nurses, and all members of your healthcare team. A culture of mindfulness means greater civility, compassion, and communication, all of which contribute to increased patient safety as well as improved provider satisfaction. Her sessions provide your healthcare system tailor-made techniques meeting your workers exactly where they are and building exactly what they need.

Client Feedback

“Dr. Gail Gazelle provided a fantastic keynote address on mindfulness and resilience for our Women’s Leadership Conference. She is a very gifted speaker with an engaging, insightful, yet down-to-earth style. She energized the group in a way that set the perfect tone for the day.”

Helen Cajigas, MD, Massachusetts Medical Society

Mindfulness Leadership physicians

Why Mindfulness?

There is considerable data on the role of mindfulness in well-being as well as in improving physician burnout. Dr. Gazelle’s experiential program engages your group in a profound way, integrating data from the fields of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion training.

Her thirty years as a physician, coach, and Harvard educator give her the credibility medical audiences need to explore what is often a new area. Her down-to-earth style and use of humor appeal to groups of any specialty and field.

The programs she provides have been specifically created for healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, and medical training programs.

Client Feedback

“We truly were honored by your presence at the symposium and felt the mindfulness workshop was outstanding! We have received outstanding feedback. Thank you again!”

Patrick Brine, MD, Mercy Healthcare

Mindfulness Leadership physicians

Why Should You Have Dr. Gail Gazelle Provide Your Workshop?

 A former hospice physician who has coached hundreds of physicians, Dr. Gazelle fully understands both the demands on clinicians as well as the constraints that keep clinicians in patterns that lead to burnout. The author of the 2013 Harvard Health Guide: Mindfulness Support for Alzheimer’s Caregivers, her work with physician mindfulness has been featured in the Journal of Physician Leadership. She has completed an intensive mindfulness meditation teacher certification with world-renowned mindfulness teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and is a sought-after presenter. Dr. Gazelle has the Harvard credibility combined with a down-to-earth teaching style that allows busy clinicians to be receptive to this topic.

Dr. Gazelle provides half- or full-day trainings that are engaging and experiential. Your staff will leave feeling reinvigorated, capable, and inspired about their work. They will gain practical strategies for meeting the stresses of both work and life.


Client Feedback


“Dr. Gazelle presented at our 2017 annual forum on clinician wellbeing and she did not disappoint. She is an amazing speaker and coach, and combined core principles of physician leadership with doses of reality so docs could take home practical strategies for living and practicing in a balanced and resilient way. Her engaging and humorous style helped our physicians learn with fun about this important yet challenging topic. We were truly honored to have Dr. Gazelle present to the group.”

Jatin Dave, MD, Chief Medical Officer

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