The Importance of Pausing (8 minutes)

by | May 4, 2020 | Short Talks

You may be used to a very busy pace, sometimes without even noticing it. If you tune in and notice, you may find that your day is spent almost continuously rushing about. Jumping out of bed, getting ready for work, managing your commute, taking care of many patients.

The days can be so busy that, by the end, it all seems like a big blur. You may not recall what you did or what you ate for lunch. Spinning in constant motion, leaving you feeling disconnected—from yourself, from the people you interact with, and from a sense of fulfillment. From your very experience.

Mindfulness helps strengthen our sense of connection with the moments of our lives. Pausing is one way to enhance this connection. Pausing allows us to see that there’s a space between what was and what’s next. That space is the present moment.

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