“Dr. Gazelle really knocks this out of the park!”


In this action-packed workshop and course
you will learn how to:


Build your

Take Back

Take back your life
from the EMR


Reclaim what’s important in your life


The ONE simple thing that 95% of physicians miss
that cuts charting time in HALF!

“Working with Gail changed my whole thought process around documenting the patient encounter. With Gail’s help, I identified the ways that perfectionism was slowing down my note-writing process.  I now can chart more quickly and easily, and have tools that go way beyond all the superficial ‘quick tips for charting efficiency’ that never really did the trick for me. Thank you Gail!”Family physician

The Hallmarks of Dysfunctional Charting:

Any of these ring a bell?

  • I hate charting! It’s not fair that I have to do it.
  • I spend nights and weekends catching up on my charts.
  • I believe that my notes reflect my abilities and worth as a physician.
  • When I sit down to chart, I find myself thinking that everyone else is better at all of this than I am.

Living with the constant weight of unfinished charts is a massive burden. A destructive pattern of inner criticism, perfectionism, and procrastination keeps you trapped in an inefficient cycle and stops you from achieving the productivity and freedom you deserve to have.

You Don’t Have to Live This Way.

Your Charting Instructor

Gail Gazelle, MD, MCC

I’m Dr. Gazelle, and I’m here to help you get your life back. I was a practicing internist and hospice physician for 25 years and experienced severe burnout. I remember being at home at the end of the week, and my son wanted me to play with him, and all I could think about were my charts. I felt like I was a huge failure, as a physician and as a mother.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to helping physicians just like you regain confidence, calm, and control in their lives. I’m a Master Certified Coach and mindfulness teacher with over 5000 hours of physician coaching under my belt, and I’m a thought leader and pioneer in the field of physician burnout.

I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into a powerful, practical, results-oriented workshop to give you everything you need to leave charting stress behind. And I’ll soon be releasing my Charting course!

I have helped hundreds of physicians unlock the secret of what keeps them stuck in charting inefficiency.

I’d like to help you too.


Start using Dr. Gazelle’s techniques to stop being held captive to the EMR.

“Improving something I’ve been doing for decades”


What You’ll Gain:


End every work day with your charts done


Be fully present with your loved ones


Transform your relationships with the people who matter most to you


Learn the hidden cause of charting buildup - and how to stop it once and for all


Stop the cycle of perfectionism and procrastination that keeps you chained to the electronic record


Strengthen your relationship with the most important person in your life - yourself

Who is this for?

  • Physicians and advanced practice providers looking to step out of the stranglehold of charting in every spare minute of their life
  • Clinicians who want to build their resilience to the demands and stress in their life and career

Who is this NOT for?

  • Clinicians who are stuck in anger and resentment toward “the system,” and aren’t ready to break free of this cycle
  • Those not ready to take responsibility for their own happiness and well-being

“My husband said this is the best money we’ve ever spent. I’m finally able to come home and be the present, loving mother I’ve always wanted to be. And my whole family is grateful!” – Internist

Start using Dr.Gazelle’s techniques to stop being held captive to the EMR.

“Gail is a wise and thoughtful guide who helps physicians overcome the difficulties we face. I‘ve attended two of her workshops and highly recommend them!” – Infectious disease specialist

What we’ll cover:

Utilizing an action-packed schedule of guided exercises, reflection, meditation, and focused practice, we will:


Look at the root causes of charting inefficiency and the keys to shifting them


Harness proven neuroplasticity-based strategies to train your brain toward focus and productivity


Utilize practical mindfulness strategies to build the growth mindset you need to overcome charting challenges


Practice utilizing specific techniques that build motivation and provide you the specific tools you need you need to be productive and happy

Dr. Gazelle is a Master Certified Coach with over 5,000 hours of coaching physicians. Here is what physicians say about working with her:

“Gail has helped me take my career productivity and happiness to the next level. ” – Cardiologist

“I found Gail’s teaching very helpful in identifying areas where bad habits and emotions were contributing to my charting issues as well as some solutions to those issues. I came away from her charting program with concrete ideas for improvement going forward, and I am happy to report that I have been able to maintain control over charting since then. I feel optimistic going forward.”
– Internist

“I came to Dr. Gazelle burned out, down about my work, and dreading every shift. I don’t dread my shifts anymore, and now feel balanced, grounded, and truly happy with my work life, which I haven’t felt in years” – Emergency physician

“Gail’s charting coaching helped me see how much my mindset was contributing to my difficulty getting my charts done. I now see that I was making my notes into something much more than a note. It was so helpful seeing that a is not all me! I can now give myself permission to drop my perfectionism, and I am closing my notes faster and not having them build up in the same way.” – Dermatologist

“Gail is observant, thoughtful, kind, and very effective with her methods. The fact that she can help physicians stay calm, focused, and productive during a pandemic is a testament that she is a phenomenal coach.” – Anesthesiologist

“It is an honor to work with Dr. Gazelle. Her approach to charting efficiency is so humane, and filled with so much understanding of what goes on in a physician’s daily life. She has helped me develop a mindset of focusing on what is really important both in work and life, and has given me the tools to accomplish it. She has challenged me to become the best version of myself. Thank you!! ” – Infectious disease

“Gail helped me learn quite a bit about myself and I now feel much freer. I’m in the same job but am clearer about my priorities, much more efficient, more present for myself and my family, and am experiencing much less stress. Thank you, Gail.” – Family physician

So, what’s YOUR Charting Plan?

Do you have a solid plan in place to remove the stress of charting from your life?

If you’ve just answered NO then you owe it to yourself to see what life would be like when you apply these workshop techniques.


Here are some outlets that have featured Dr. Gazelle’s work.

Charting Your Life. Online course coming soon.

Charting Your Life. Online course coming soon.

With your charting instructor Dr. Gail Gazelle

The online course is coming – GET NOTIFIED.

This course is expected to have a lot of interest, however, it will have limited availability. We recommend you get on the list to be contacted prior to the course launch.


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