Befriending the Body (11 minutes)

by | May 5, 2020 | Short Talks

We live in a world that tends to prioritize mind over body. Thinking and doing is what’s prized. We learn to tune out our bodies, ignoring areas of discomfort and pangs of hunger. We tend to power through our days, ignoring whatever physical sensations arise. Assuming that our body will cooperate with whatever we ask of it.

Yet, it may help us though to pay greater attention to bodily sensations. After all, the body is always in the present, even if the mind time travels away.  Being more present with bodily sensations can have a grounding and centering effect. We may, however, be at war with our body, unhappy with how it looks or how it’s behaving. Comparing it to what it might’ve been like in the past or to an idealized societal standard of youth and beauty. The awareness we cultivate with mindfulness can help us become acquainted, familiar, and perhaps even more kind to our body.


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