Meditation for Calm in a Time of Uncertainty (5 minutes)

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Guided Meditations

Meditation For Calm In A Time of Uncertainty
(5 minutes)

With everything going on with COVID 19, there’s so much worry, fear, and uncertainty. And so many responsibilities, professionally and personally.  For many, it’s go, go, go, and it can be hard to take time to pause. Or to rest. So many tasks to attend to. So many people to take care of. So little time to do it all.

With all the uncertainty, many are in a state of sympathetic overdrive, a painful state that can be difficult to manage. Unchecked, this contributes to exhaustion, which can take us further into worry and distress. All the stress is hard on our system and does not strengthen our ability to face this challenge.

To be most resourceful, we need to find moments of calm. When we can access calm, even briefly, it helps disengage the sympathetic state. It helps de-escalate our stress in a powerful way.  Small doses of calm can nourish us and help us sustain the level of activity required during this difficult time. It’s critically important to find this sustenance, both for yourself and for those you care for. This can truly help all of us weather this storm.

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