Working With Difficult Emotions (10 minutes)

by | May 4, 2020 | Short Talks

There are so many emotions that arise within us. We may feel joyful about a smile from a loved one. Sad about a missed opportunity. Angry at something someone has said to us. Some emotions feel tame, others overwhelming. Some pleasant. Some not.

We get little training in how to be with all of these emotions, little modeling of how to comfortably ride these waves. We may believe that, instead of experiencing an emotion, we’ll do better to push it away! But, does it truly go away? Many times the answer is no. Unprocessed emotions can hit when we least expect them and, when that happens, we can get derailed, taken off course by these seemingly surprise visits the emotion has made.

In mindfulness, we gain practice simply being with whatever arises. We also begin to see that all states pass, and that feeling them is truly the path to their passing smoothly and easily.

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