Resources for Physician Coaching, Burnout, Stress Reduction, & More

Below you’ll find a plethora of resources that you can utilize on your journey to becoming a better physician, leader, and person. Choose between titles related to physician coaching, avoiding burnout, reducing stress, and optimizing positivity.

Physician coaching resources:

Dr. Gazelle featured in American College of Physicians Leadership Academy webinar 
Building Your Resilient Self®: Practical Strategies January 25, 2017

Gazelle–MindfulnessMatters–Physician Leadership Journal
Apple R, Gazelle G. Physician Leadership Journal. May/June 2015

Gazelle G, Liebschutz J, Riess H. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2015. 30(4):508–13.

Strength-based Coaching: A Path to Increased Life and Career Fulfillment
Gazelle G. Massachusetts Medical Society. Vital Signs. May 2013.

Dr. Gazelle featured in Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching podcast
From Burnout to Resilience: Coaching Physicians and Physician Leaders with Positive Psychology June 6, 2014

Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School
A new Institute at Harvard Medical School, the IOC’s mission is to build the scientific foundation and best practices of leadership, wellness, and personal coaching.

Watch this whimsical YouTube video to get an idea of how coaching works

Leadership in Academic Medicine: Executive Coaching: A Worthwhile Investment for Physicians and Scientists
AAMC Reporter. July 2013.

A Culture of Coaching: Achieving Peak Performance of Individuals and Teams in Academic Health CentersThorn PM, Raj JM. Academic Medicine. 2012. 87:1482-3.

Personal Best. Top Athletes and Singers Have coaches. Should you?
Gawande A. The New Yorker. October 2011.

The Realities of Executive Coaching
Kauffman C, Coutu D. Harvard Business Review Research Reports. 2009.

Making a Case for Coaching
Horn M, Elliott L, Forbringer LR. Physician Executive Journal. 2010. 36:50-3.

International Coach Federation
The ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and supporting the ongoing development of the field.

Coaches Training Institute
Widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry, CTI’s Co-Active Coaching model emphasizes that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. CTI training produces coaches who do not act as consultants or experts but rather work with people as facilitators and agents of personal growth and change. Watch this dynamic and brief video to learn more.

Physician burnout (small sample of a large body of literature):

Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice: A Time and Motion Study in 4 Specialties
Sinsky C, Colligan L, Ling L et al. Annals of Internal Medicine. Published online 9/16.

Changes in Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance in Physicians and the General US Working Population Between 2011 and 2014Shanafelt TD, Hasan Omar, Dyrbye LN et al. Mayo Clin Proc. 2015;90(12):1600-1613

Burnout and Satisfaction with Work-life Balance among US Physicians Relative to the General US Population
Shanafelt TD, Boone S et al. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2012. 1-9.

Burnout and Career Satisfaction Among US Oncologists–2014
Shanafelt TD, Gradishar WJ, Kosty M, Satele D, Chew H, Horn L, et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2014;32(7):678-86.

Risk of Burnout in Perioperative Clinicians: a Survey Study and Literature Review
Hyman SA, Michaels DR, Berry JM, Schildcrout JS, Mercaldo ND, Weinger MB. Anesthesiology. 2011;114(1):194-204.

Burnout and Career Satisfaction Among American Surgeons
Shanafelt TD, Balch CM, Bechamps GJ, Russell T, Dyrbye L, Satele D, et al. Annals of Surgery. 2009;250(3):463-71.

Career Satisfaction in Emergency Medicine: The ABEM longitudinal Study of Emergency Physicians
Cydulka RK, Korte R. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2008; 51(6):714-722.e1.

Special Report: Suicidal Ideation Among American Surgeons 
Shanafelt TD, Balch CM, Dyrbye L, Bechamps G, Russell T, Satele D, et al. Archives of Surgery. 2011;146(1):54-62.

Burnout and Suicidal Ideation Among U.S. Medical Students 
Dyrbye LN, Thomas MR, Massie SF. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2008;149:334-341.

Mid-career Burnout in Generalist and Specialist Physicians 
Spickard A, Jr., Gabbe SG, Christensen JF. JAMA. 2002;288(12):1447-50.

The Painful Truth: Physicians are not Invincible
Miller MN, McGowen R. Southern Journal of Medicine. 2000. 93:966-73.

Physician stress and resilience:

Burnout and EMR – Annals of Internal Medicine
Shanafelt T. JAMA. 2009;23;302(12):1338-40.

Association of an Educational Program in Mindful Communication With Burnout, Empathy, and Attitudes Among Primary Care Physicians
Krasner MS, Epstein RM, JAMA. 2009. 23;302(12):1284-93.

PERMA: A Model for Institutional Leadership and Culture Change
Slavin SJ, Schindler D, Chibnall JT, Fendell G, Shoss M. Academic Medicine. 2012;87(11):1481.

Physician Resilience: What It Means, Why It Matters, and How to Promote It
Epstein RM, Krasner MS. Academic Medicine. 2013;88:301-303.

In Search of Joy in Practice: A Report of 23 High-Functioning Primary Care Practices
Sinsky C, Willard-Grace R, Schutzbank AMAnnals of Family Medicine2013;11:272-278.

10 Bold Steps to Prevent Burnout in General Internal Medicine
Linzer M, Levine R, Meltzer D et al. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2014. 29(1):18-20.

Creating A Culture Of Wellness: Conversations, Curriculum, Concrete Resources, And Control
Place S, Talen M. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, 2013. 45(4) 333-44.

Intervention to Promote Physician Well-being, Job Satisfaction, and Professionalism. A Randomized Clinical Trial
West CP, Dyrbye LN, Rabatin JT, Call TG, Davidson JH, Multari A, et al. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2014;174(4):527-533.

A Multicenter Study of Physician Mindfulness and Health Care Quality
Beach MC, Roter D, Korthuis PT, Epstein RM, Sharp V, Ratanawongsa N, et al. Annals of Family Medicine. 2013;11(5):421-428.

From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Care of the Patient Requires Care of the Provider
Bodenheimer T, Sinsky C. Annals of Family Medicine. 2014;12:573-576.

Mindful Practice
Epstein RE. JAMA. 1999;282(9):833-839.

Positive psychology coaching:

Dr. Gazelle featured in Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching podcast
From Burnout to Resilience: Coaching Physicians and Physician Leaders with Positive Psychology
June 6, 2014

Positive Leadership. Cameron K. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.; 2012.

The Positive Psychology Approach to Coaching
In The Sage Handbook of Coaching. Kauffman C, Boniwell I, Silberman J. 2009.

Coaching and Positive PsychologySeligman MEP. Australian Psychologist, December 2007; 42(4): 266 – 267.

Strengths of Character, Orientations to Happiness, and Life Satisfaction
Peterson C, Ruch W, Beermann U, Park N, Seligman MEP. The Journal of Positive Psychology. 2007;2(3):149-56.

Flourish. A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being
Seligman M. New York: Free Press; 2011.

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